Welcome to Super Mom Picks

Welcome to Super Mom Picks

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I am a quality loving, time saving, health conscious, educated consumer!

Throughout my life people have asked for my opinion on products and I love to share it.  I decided to create a space where I could share my favorite products and ideas that have helped me be a super mom on this journey called life.


When I became pregnant with my third child I couldn’t wait to buy the latest and greatest baby items that would make my life easier with 3!  I was looking for quality, convenience, and fashion. I quickly realized that making smart purchases would require a lot of research, so I rolled up my sleeves and outfitted our home for our new bundle.


Welcome to this site.  Now you get to benefit from my consumer research on products for BabyKidsHealth & Wellness,  Fashion, and Travel.


This site was created for you!

Don’t leave Super Mom Picks without checking out the Top Picks page which highlights some of my very favorite items!

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Hi, I'm Leslie.

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