Valentine gift ideas for couples

Valentine gift ideas for couples


Valentines Day gifts can be tricky.  Flowers are nice, but they are overpriced, wilt, and die in just a few days!  Chocolates are sweet, but we are still dieting from the overeating during the holiday season!

Don’t fall into the usual Valentines Day trap and resort to these tired gifts.

Some of the best Valentines gift ideas are ones that both partners can enjoy.  Here is a list of carefully curated, romantic, and maybe even a few “sensual” ideas that are guaranteed to make you a Valentine hero with your partner!


A discovery game for married couples ~ You don’t have to be married to enjoy this one!  This exciting and competitive game will cure the “we’ve fallen out of love” feeling.   Fall in love all over again.


Ring the bell for a kiss ~ I love this idea!  When either of you hears this bell, drop what you are doing and find your partner immediately for a kiss.


High-End Silk Sheets ~ Your bedroom is your fortress and it should be treated as such.  With ⅓ of your life spent sleeping, you should be resting in absolute and sheer comfort.



Volcanic Ash Chocolate Facial Mud Mask ~ Start your night with some pampering!


Bath Bombs ~ These organic, homemade bath bombs are made with herbs and essential oils.  These are great for soaking together after a long day!


Ylang Ylang Essential Oil  ~ This essential oil can be applied to the skin or diffused.  It is known for increasing libidos!


Kisses 4 Us ~ This box of fun makes kissing as exciting as it was in the beginning.  Are you up for the challenge?


The 5 Love Languages Book ~ Every married or engaged couple should read this book.  It holds the secrets to long-lasting love!


Echo Dot ~ Get your lover an echo dot for the bedroom.  Just say “Alexa, play some romantic music” and let the fun begin!



Sensual Massage Oil ~ Show each other how much you care by giving alternating massages – while the romantic music is playing!!!





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