Top STEM Gifts for Christmas this year

Top STEM Gifts for Christmas this year


STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) gifts are great for Christmas since they encourage your children to learn while they play.  Here are ten great ideas for some STEM gifts for under the tree this year.



Osmo Genius Kit for iPad ~ Learn tangrams, spelling, math, problem-solving and creative drawing.


Osmo Genius Kit for iPad
Price: $108.50
(428 customer reviews)


Evo App-Connected Coding Robot ~ Learn coding and play games while leveling up and unlocking new tricks.


Kano Build Your Own Computer Kit ~ Learn to build a computer with a simple step by step guide, get kids interested in the inner workings of electronics.


Engineering Building Blocks Set ~ Challenge your kids to build creative designs using STEM techniques.


LEGO Boost Robot Building Set ~ Great LEGO robot that kids can program and control.



Wonder Workshop – Dash Robot Coding for Kids ~ Code your robot to respond to your voice, dance, sing, solve challenging puzzles and projects.


Snap Circuits Electronics Exploration Kit ~ Learn to assemble electronic components and make fun projects.


Kidtastic Dinosaur Toys ~ Learn all about dinosaurs with this fun kit.



JuniorScope Microscope for Kids ~ Explore the microscopic world!


Kids Telescope for Beginners ~ Encourage a love for space at an early age.


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  • These are some GREAT STEM gift ideas! They’re absolutely perfect to help kiddos learn while they’re having fun. My nephew (age 8) got the Lego Boost Robot listed for Christmas. He put it together by himself and LOVES it! My sister said that he is learning to program it and has to program it to do one thing before he can move on to the next level. She and he highly recommend it.

    Teresa @ Sunflowers to STEM

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