Tool Benches for Toddlers – Fun and Learning Together

Tool Benches for Toddlers – Fun and Learning Together

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This Momma is in a hurry, just tell me which tool bench is the best already!

Beebeerun Kids Workbench by Beebeerun is the best wooden bench for children as young as 12 months. Its bright, cheerful design would work perfectly in any nursery and is likely to last to entertain your little builder for quite a while. 

Tool benches are great for building both fine and gross motor skills, which your toddler will need in a few years as they start writing and learning in a more formal educational environment.

They’re also great for imaginative and social play, where kids copy what the adults in their lives do. Working with tools and a tool bench can be a way of learning how to work on things around the house, and it creates confidence in children so that they feel like they fix all sorts of in a variety of situations.

These tool benches represented our favorites in each of their categories. We hope it helps you if your family is thinking of finding one of these tool benches for your budding builder!

Beebeerun Kids Workbench

Price: $39.99
  • REAL LIFE SIMULATION: This kids tool bench is a little builders dream come true. Kids can build, fix and rebuild for hours on end.
  • TOY TOOLS: This workbench contains 56 pieces including a hammer, saw, screwdriver, wrench, vice, angle, screws, nuts, bolts, gears, links and more creative parts for building.
  • FOR A GROWING CRAFTSMAN: This tool set for toddlers is recommended for children 3 years and older with a workbench counter for growing builders.
  • STORAGE CONVENIENCE: This toy workbench has shelves to store all your kid's tools and supplies within reach.
  • Best Gift for Kids: Kids will be attracted by its bear pattern and excellent design immediately. They will play all day along with it, it can be shared with friends too, best way and gift to burn energy and spend time.

Beebeerun Kids Workbench Review

Made completely of wood, this little table is great for kids 12 months and older. There are 56 pieces included, and everything is made of wood, which most reviewers say is very sturdy and perfect for little ones exploring the world of building. They are great pieces that are safe enough not to pose any sort of choking hazard - a great relief for parents of small ones!

There are holes in the top for children to use in attaching their creations to the table, or to use in storing pieces. There is an additional traylike shelf in the bottom to keep all the small nuts, bolts, and wooden nails together.

It does not require batteries because this is an all-wooden toy. There are no noises or lights, so it’s very helpful for little ones who prefer not to have so much audio and visual stimulation.

Reviewers love the bright colors, that it is packaged well to prevent paint from being damaged, and that it’s gender-neutral. Although it does require some assembly, reviewers said it only takes about 15 minutes to put it together. 


  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Storage areas for organizing
  • Lots of play options
  • Not overstimulating
  • Perfect for small ones and bigger kids


  • Doesn’t light up or make noises
  • Doesn’t come assembled

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This is a great first tool and bench set for toddlers and preschoolers of all ages over 12 months old! It’s bright, all-wood, and sturdy enough for long-term enjoyment. It has a storage area, and although assembly is required, it doesn’t need any batteries.

Step2 Pro Play Workshop & Utility Bench

Price: $138.26
  • Large kids workshop features an electronic drill press to "drill" the perfect hole every time!
  • Pull-out utility bench helps to expand the pretend play fun with a table saw and storage area
  • Attached utility sink brings a realistic home workshop feel
  • Loads of storage bins and built-in cabinet space allow little craftsmen to keep their toddler workbench neat and tidy!
  • Foam building projects look just like real wood
  • 76-piece pretend play accessory set included

Step2 Pro Play Workshop & Utility Bench Review

More of the reviewers for this bench disliked the product due to some issues with the accessories, however, we’ve included it because of the bench itself. It’s durable and more like kitchen playsets in that it’s more “furniture”-sized and has lots of storage.
Many of those who didn’t care for this bench said they were missing parts. One five-star reviewer had the same experience but called the company who sent replacements right away, so if you do decide to purchase, give yourself a little extra time in case you need to use that method.
Those who love the table say that it does require assembly, but that it’s very easy to put together - a one-person, 15-minute job.

Shop around for a good price this one and you’ll be providing your family with lots of fix-it fun.


  • Much more substantial workspace
  • Lots of storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable


  • A lot pricier than other products
  • Missing accessories

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

Although some reviewers were dissatisfied with the accessories with this bench, the bench itself is great for families already who have some toy tools but want a little “shop” for kids to use for storage and organization. This is more like a kitchen or little home set and even has a table saw and foam “wood”-looking pieces to use in assembling things. Kids will love having this as a place to do their “building” and fix-it work.

Budget Pick

Toy Tool Workbench

Price: $39.99
You save: $10.00 (20%) (20 %)
  • 100 PCS: There are more than a hundred pcs in total that you can get from this kids workbench set, which is an equivalent of several toy tool sets that are currently in the market combined. It contains all the toy tool accessories that a little kid desired such as toy construction hat, drill etc.
  • Unique Design: Unlike the standard toy workbench in the market, our toddler workbench set can transform into 3 different forms which includes tool suitcase, Trolley case and standard stand workbench that can help to continuously surprise your lovely kids.
  • Not A Flimsy Plastic: The kids workbench is made of plastic but a highest standard plastic which is ABS that allows our toys to have a better noninflammability and great rigidity to prevent unsteadiness even if your kid lean on it which is a big problem that you may find with other identical products.
  • Portable Storage Suitcase: Thanks to the unique design, our workbench can transform into a portable suitcase, it has enough space to store all the accessories that come along with the set and the suitcase only occupy a tiny space.

Toy Tool workbench Review

Not only does this table have 100 pieces, but it can all be folded up into the table and transported anywhere by your toddler or preschooler! It’s completely portable. It even has wheels and a handle. Almost all reviewers who bought it for that reason seem really satisfied, and they love it because it’s pretty durable as well.

One complaint that many reviewers have (even those giving the highest reviews) is that the drill doesn’t have an overtightening guard, meaning if you keep pressing the button after something is tightened, the drill will break. Most reviewers say that’s frustrating, but not enough to downrate the product overall, especially since it’s usually priced pretty well.

The drill takes AA batteries, which are not included, and it does require adult assembly.

It does have very small parts, so it’s not a good toy for littles younger than 3.


  • Portable
  • Portable
  • Appropriately-sized, realistic tools
  • Has a handle and wheels for transport


  • Drill can break with overtightening
  • Requires AA batteries
  • Some assembly required

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

​This is the perfect set for little workers ages three and up who are always on the go! Although it requires batteries, some assembly, and a little instruction from adults on how to take care of the drill so it doesn’t overtighten, it’s a great set that’s usually well-priced.

iBaseToy Toy Tool Workbench

Price: $45.99
  • A complete kid-sized workbench with tools for toddlers. A small workbench that looks like the real thing, plus safe toy hammer, screwdrivers, wrench and more.
  • Includes toy Construction vehicles to take apart. These toy trucks are held together with big screws and can be taken apart and put back together with the included screwdriver.
  • Great for teaching kids the names and functions of tools. An adult can show a child how the different tools are used, how they're held, and what they're called.
  • A safe way for a child to get started with a tools. For kids too young to handle real tools, This set will give them hours of fun and safe imaginative play.
  • Your kids will have lots of fun while exercising their imaginations as well. Working on these projects is a great way to help develop a child's coordination and hand skills.

iBaseToy Toy Tool Workbench Review

This tool bench has so much in a small package - the mini-bench itself, the tools, and things to make and fix! It has a whopping 91 pieces to keep your little carpenter or construction worker busy building. There are bins to keep the pieces organized, and two trucks that can be “constructed” so kids feel like they are making their own toys.

Although this tool bench is not for kids under 3, children older than that will love using mini tools that look and sound like the ones adults use.
You will need to also purchase 2 AA batteries for the drill, but once you’ve powered it up, your child can go anywhere and pretend to fix things!
Some reviewers complain because there are no assembly directions for the table itself, although most people said that while instructions would have been nice, they weren’t really necessary.


  • Lots of accessories and pieces
  • Modeled after real tools
  • Comes with two trucks to assemble


  • No assembly directions

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This bench is great for families without a lot of space for large toys. The accessories are great, and especially useful if this is the first toolset your child has owned. It even has two cute trucks to put together!

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