The Stomach Bug – My secret remedy to stop it! (Activated Charcoal)

The Stomach Bug – My secret remedy to stop it! (Activated Charcoal)

The Stomach Bug and Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is my secret to stopping the stomach bug in it’s tracks!  When the stomach virus (stomach flu or stomach bug or gastroenteritis) is visiting your home, and you need to kick it out immediately there are lots of ways to stop the spread in your home, but the one I have found most effective by far is to prevent the spreading by stopping the vomiting with activated charcoal.


First things first – it goes without saying that this is just my research and experience.  I’m no doctor, and you should always rely on the advice of your health care provider.


I used to loathe the stomach virus.  I still do really, but now I don’t sweat it as severely.  At the first sign of stomach bug symptoms, I would quarantine the house.  All children were confined to different rooms, followed into the bathroom for supervised hand washing, and strapped to a vomit bucket for the next 48 hours.


The stomach bug is so contagious because there are large amounts of the virus in an infected persons vomit and feces.  Only a tiny trace is needed to infect the next kid.  And it can even spread airborne after vomiting.


Your best defense is to stop the vomiting.   Activated charcoal is my weapon of choice. 



How I use Activated Charcoal:

  1. Add a pinch of the charcoal powder to 4 oz of cold water.
  2. The sick child takes a few sips and lies down.  
  3. If they vomit again within 15 mins, I make them sip more.  
  4. Repeat if you need to but generally this stops vomiting for the next 4 hours while they sleep!
  5. At the 4 hour mark, give them a few more sips.  
  6. After 12 hours has passed, they are done taking charcoal and just need rest.   


The activated charcoal helps the virus pass through the digestive system and out of the body through feces.  One more tip, just in case your vomit clean-up job wasn’t very good, don’t forget to take some for yourself!

Finding activated charcoal powder in stores can be difficult.  For this use, I strongly recommend the powder versus the capsules.  I have tried to cut open the capsules to add to water, but it can be messy.  You can find the powder here on Amazon.


So yes, Activated Charcoal really does help stop the stomach bug

This natural remedy may or may not work for you, but I have found it to work consistently with my children over the years.  I always make sure to have some charcoal powder at home and keep a bottle of the capsules in my car.


Here is a video that explains how it works:


Here are a few other tips to beat the stomach bug:

  • Essential oils can be used to treat the stomach bug and ease some of the symptoms.  You can use them topically or diffuse them into the air.
  • Daily probiotics for your kids can decrease the chance they will come down with the stomach bug
  • Good cleaning habits around the house including good handwashing can limit the spread of the stomach bug around your house once the first person gets sick.




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