The Best Rocking Horses for Toddlers – For Fun and Balance

The Best Rocking Horses for Toddlers – For Fun and Balance

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This Momma is in a hurry, just tell me which rocking horses are the best for toddlers already!

If you are looking for the best rocking horses for toddler boys or girls, you have found the right place!  If we were four, we’d definitely want the Radio Flyer Blaze Interactive Riding Horse. It’s more of a bouncing horse than a rocking horse, but it seems like the best way for a cowboy or cowgirl to live out their dreams of riding into great adventures. There are several models, some plush and some not. All of them require some assembly, but they last a while and kids really love them.

Rocking is a self-soothing motion that can build balance and coordination in toddlers - not to mention that it’s just plain fun! Rocking horses have been around for centuries. Although there have been a few advancements in the rocking horse world, the rocking horse is, overall, a timeless classic.
Here are a few of our favorite takes on toys that will rock your baby’s blues away. 

Little Tikes Rocking Horse

Price: $44.95
  • Download the Little Tikes Play Big Skill on any Alexa-enabled Amazon device to go on fun adventures with your Rocking Horse.
  • One of Little Tikes' classic items is back!
  • Small size. Maximum weight limit- up to 50 pounds
  • Perfect for small indoor or outdoor play areas. Age- 12 months - 3 years
  • Seat is designed to keep kids from falling forward or back
  • Easy grip handles; Made in USA


This one’s a classic! This is a very popular model due to the fact that the price is generally low and they are made to be incredibly durable. Lots of daycares use these little rocking horses because they don’t have parts where kids can get hands and feet stuck, they last a very long time, and they are really sturdy.  This may be the best rocking horse for a 1 year old.

Reviewers tend to agree, too. They like that these are smaller and closer to the ground with a seat that provides stability. The handles are easy to grip, and the rocking horse comes fully assembled.

It seems that in recent years, there have been more issues with these, however. There were some manufacturing issues for a while that led to some being mismatched as far as the plastic went. This made some seams with very rough edges - not something you want smooth little fingers finding by accident. Several people have reported that those issues seem to have been dealt with, and these rocking horses are back to the desired quality again.

One reviewer said he had a sander he’d planned to use if necessary, and he recommended having some sandpaper on hand, but he ended up not needing anything at all. It came as desired straight from the box.

Another reason people love this rocking horse -there’s no assembly required.

It’s a good fit for small play areas and can be used indoor or outdoor. If you plan on your little one using it on slick polished hardwood floors, though, you may want to consider a small area rug as it can slip around a bit.

This toy comes in magenta or blue and is best for kids from 12 months to 3 years old and/or up to 50 lbs. 


  • durable
  • made with safety in mind
  • no assembly required
  • can be used indoors or outdoors


  • it’s not the prettiest horse

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This classic is still a favorite! It’s durable, perfect for indoor or outdoor play, and safe for small ones to play on. It’s not the most beautiful option, but it may last a lifetime. Kids love it, and as the rocking horse in the Velveteen Rabbit says, that’s what really makes you both real and beautiful.

Our Top Pick

Radio Flyer Blaze Interactive Riding Horse

Price: $174.99
  • 3 Riding Actions: walk, trot, and gallop
  • Carrot activates chewing sounds, and brush is included
  • Built-in safety straps for protection
  • EZ Climb step for easy on and off
  • Weight capacity 60-Pounds


This one’s also a classic, but couldn’t be any more different from the Little Tykes rocking horse if it tried.

It’s not a cheap one. This is kind of the Cadillac of Rocking horses.

It has three riding actions - walking, trotting, and galloping. Kids can bounce up and down, or move forward and backward.

It comes with a carrot, and when your child feeds the horse the carrot it makes chewing sounds. It also neighs and whinnies. If you get tired of the horse sounds, though, there is an “off” switch. Reviewers say it’s very hard to find, but it’s under the chin. Turning it on and off is hard on the manicure, too, so beware.

There is a brush included to keep the magnificent mane in proper show horse order.

There are a couple of safety features as well - safety straps and a little step-on base for kids to get a little boost when getting on or off the horse. Some reviewers said they were thrilled that the horse was everything they remembered from when they were little, plus several more modern safety features (like spring covers).

There are five different models available, and two of those (Chestnut and Freckles) are stuffed rather than plastic.

The weight capacity is only 60 lbs., though, and the recommended ages are for kids between 2 and 6. It’s a great energy-drainer for those little ones who live in very hot or very cold climates and can’t get out to play every day, though your neighbors won’t thank you if you live in an upstairs apartment.
The real downside to this toy, though, is the assembly. Reviewers say to be sure to test all the 


  • the horse makes sounds
  • real brushable mane, comes with comb
  • five models available


  • weight limit is 60 lbs.
  • only for ages 2 to 6
  • tends to be pricey
  • assembly is difficult

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This one will make you wish you were four years old again! It makes eating sounds when you feed it. Your child can choose their speed - either walk, trot, or gallop. It’s a lovely toy and comes in five styles, two of which are stuffed for added snuggles and comfort.

labebe - Llama Rocking Horse

Price: $129.99
  • 🏆 Award-Winning 🏆 - The smart rocking horse design won the award from Melbourne and Nuremberg toys exhibition for the fabulous plush animal design. The structure and rocking horse appearance are all originally designed by our 👍 French team 👍 . It is especially cute and sturdy. You will only find those cute ride-on toys, plush rocking horse at Labebe store and your kids will be extremely surprised and happy to have such a wooden rocking horse for birthday gift or Christmas gift.
  • ⛅ Perfect Soft for Baby Skin - The filled PP cotton are all well stitched inside the plush fabric, sewing are neatly done, baby's little butt is completely protected by softness and you won't find any fiberfill come out from corner, rocking horse will stay solid even when roughly pulled by babies. The abundant pp cotton is spread evenly at every corner, this ensures comfort. Your child will enjoy it with this baby riding horse, this rocking horse is an ideal gift for 1-3 years old baby!
  • ⛅ Sturdy Structure - Solid wood and MDF (Medium Density Fiber) are used to make the structure, solid but not too heavy to rock. The wooden structure and rails are rounded and examined manually, to give a smooth surface, not to scratch kids' clothes and skin. All the Materials are strict to the Toys Safety Standards ASTM/CE F963 in USA and EN75 CE in Europa. All of these make it a suitable rocking horse nursery or rocking chair for kids.
  • 🔧 Easy Assemble & Easy Cleaning 🔧 - The package has clearly installation instructions, you can complete assembling within 15 minutes (just some screws). Within a short time, you can create a 0-to-1 miracle in front of your kid! During the assembly process, you can invite your kid together, it will be a happy time😄. The surface of the rocker is made of the 3rd generation plush fabric, the fabric is soft, stain-resistant and pill-free. You can remove the stain with a wet rag and baking soda.
  • ♟ Certified Safe Material & Quality Guarantee♟ - Our products feature third-generation plush fabrics and premium PP cotton, PP cotton can still be kept breathable in summer. This white llama/Alpaca rocking horse will accompany your child safe growth. Material of our rocking horse used is strict to Toys Safety Standards EN-71 CE in Europe and ASTM F963 in US. If the product does not live up to your expectations, we guarantee you 30 days money back with no question asked.


This company makes a lot of little animal rockers. On this particular link, they include three models - a llama, a squirrel, and a dog. They are all so adorable! Other models include an elephant, an alligator, a dinosaur, horses, and a deer. Most of these models are plush, but there are a few just-wood riders. The prices for each model varies.

This particular group of models (the llama, squirrel, and dog) is made for kids from ages 1 to 3. The manufacturer says it takes about 15 minutes to assemble any of these three models, and reviewers seem to agree.

The squirrel has a seatbelt, although it’s unclear whether the other models do. Some reviewers had difficulties with the seatbelt being broken or missing, so be sure you check it out before assembly and order with enough time to do a return if necessary.

Reviewers say this model is sturdy and durable. It’s also light enough to move around and it doesn’t take up lots of space. The squirrel, in particular, is very plush and comfortable, and kids love that it has a little back to lean against.


  • company has lots of cute animal choices
  • soft and comfortable
  • easy assembly
  • sturdy and durable


  • not a lot of particular information
  • some parts missing or broken

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This company has lots of different rocker choices! There isn’t a lot of detailed information about them, but if they are true to the pictures (and reviewers tend to say they are), they are very cute! The models mentioned above (the llama, the squirrel, and the dog) are plush and comfortable as well as sturdy and durable. Reviewers say they last a while and kids really love them.

Budget Pick

Rockin' Rider Charger 2-in-1 Pony Ride-On

Price: $49.99
You save: $7.96 (14%) (14 %)
  • Easily converts from rocker to a roller without tools.
  • Press left ear to hear the exclusive "I'm a Little Pony" song. Seat Height- 12.5 Inch (rocker) 10 Inch (roller)
  • Press right ear to hear 6 talking phrases and sound effects
  • Talks and sings with a synchronized moving mouth
  • Soft, huggable body


There are four models for this little pony, and they all come with removable rockers. Once the rockers are taken off, the toy becomes a “rolling” push, pull, or ride-on pony. Changing it from one toy to the other doesn’t require any tools - the rockers just snap into place.

When it’s a rolling toy, the wheels don’t really roll well. That doesn’t stop kids from scooting it around, though. Reviewers say it’s just something to note.

Reviewers say kids really love this little pony. It’s only intended for children ages 12 months through 3 years old and up to 40 lbs, and it is pretty short. With the rockers, it’s about 12.5 inches tall. As a rolling toy, it’s only 10 inches tall. It’s great for homes with limited space.

It comes with 3 AA batteries, but have more handy if you purchase this because the batteries provided are mainly for demo purposes.

Some reviewers found it difficult to find the battery pack, too. It’s under the horse’s mane, on the neck, under the velcro. It’s difficult to change the batteries, and fitting the battery pack back into the slot is not easy, according to reviewers, but it isn’t enough of a hassle to downrate the product.

The pony sings a song, says 6 phrases, and moves his mouth with the songs and words. Most reviewers say the song is a bit fuzzy or distorted. Kids don’t seem to mind, and they love pinching the buttons on the ears to hear and see the horse talk, but a couple of reviewers said the song is enough to keep parents from installing batteries in the first place.

The mane and tail do shed, but kids don’t seem to care. They love this tiny little pony. This would be a great pony to find at a reduced price.


  • cute little pony
  • makes noises, says phrases, sings
  • rocking toy and rolling toy
  • no assembly required


  • mane and tail shed
  • batteries are difficult to replace

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This is a cute little pony for young ones. It sings, makes noises and says 6 phrases. It’s a 2-in-1 toy with removable rockers that snap on and off. There is no assembly required, but it does shed and batteries are difficult to replace. Reviewers say this would be a great toy if you can find it at a reduced price.

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