Super Mom’s Top Book Picks

Super Mom’s Top Book Picks

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As a mom I have always struggled to find time to read.   When I do read,  I read to gain knowledge,  improve our family’s lives, and set a good example for my kids.  Here is a list of some of my favorite books that I recommend you read to improve your supermom life.


Smart Couples Finish Rich

I have read this book a few times over the years and it is one of my personal favorites.  This book isn’t for the very wealthy, its for the everyday couple. I love this book because it provokes a couple to think through their financial plans and what is most important to each of them.  In this book you will find tips and tools needed to achieve financial security in retirement, create your plan for long term care, and even credit card management.

The Body Book

Read this and learn to fall in love with your amazing body!  In this book Cameron Diaz does a great job at educating women about our bodies so that we can learn to embrace hunger rather than fear it.  She talks about her journey and how she treats her body to get the most work, fun, and life out of it.

Total Money Makeover

A must read for anyone with any debt (even a car payment or mortgage) that would love to have financial freedom!  Dave includes real life stories of families that put laser focus on getting out of debt. This is an easy and impactful read.  In fact I believe strongly that managing your money well can lead to a better balance between your work and family.

The 5 Love Languages

I recently read this book after a tough time with my partner and it really helped.  I recommend each partner taking the quiz towards the back of the book, and then reading the book.  It will help you as you read to understand what you and your partner’s love languages are.  It may just improve your marriage.

T Is For Transformation

A fitness star, the author shares his deepest secrets and his struggles with emotional eating.  Not only did I learn about his fitness journey, but I learned a lot about having grit and how when you work at your passion, it isn’t really work.  We should all strive to do something we love.

Raising Kids for True Greatness

This book creates awareness that success looks different for everyone and it should.  If we define success for them, we may be keeping them from becoming wildly successful.  Read this book and help your children answer these 3 questions; what are you doing with your potential, who will they spend their lives with, and who will they live their lives for?

You Are What You Eat

Find tips on how to get rid of stomach fat, get lists of foods that heal you in different ways, read why it’s important to detox, and even what your stool say about your diet.  This is a great read before starting any diet plan.

Deceptively Delicious

A recipe book that allows your family to eat their favorites with hidden veggies in them.  I have tried a few of these and my picky eaters, never knew what was in their food!  One of my favorites is the Pink Pancakes!


From the creator of 21 day fix – Fixate is a cookbook with all whole food, no preservative recipes that are guaranteed to give you results.  My absolute favorite in this book is Grandma’s tomato sauce.  I make a batch once per week and make meatball subs, pizza, spaghetti and even chili from the large batch of goodness!  

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

This book will give you the 13 things you need to stop doing to lead a happy successful life.  It helps you identify you own personal areas that you need to work through to improve your mental strength.  For example, are you people-pleaser? Take the quiz within to find out if you are, what that means for your personal happiness, and how to change.  

The Essential Life

If you are just beginning your journey of exploring the world of essential oils its can be overwhelming to know how to use them.  Do you ingest them, roll them on your skin, or diffuse them into the air?  Not all oils can be used in all ways. This book tells you about each oil, how to apply them, what their top uses are for, and what they blend well with.

Smart Women Finish Rich

Another great financial read by David Bach!  This book is what turned me on to reading personal finance books.  You will learn how to create your dream, security, and retirement baskets of cash.  The author talks about the latte factor and how that $5 a day coffee adds up to millions over time.   


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