The Ultimate Stuck At Home Idea List

The Ultimate Stuck At Home Idea List

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Does anyone else feel like having the kids home can be both exciting and scary at the same time?  If yours are anything like mine they will try to spend every waking hour on a device watching YouTube or playing video games and that is just a waste of precious life! 

Have you ever noticed that when your kids spend time playing video games they become more aggressive in their interactions with you too?

I swear it is rotting their brains, but that’s another blog post.  If you are lucky enough to not have device-dependent kids you may also suffer from “I am bored” syndrome. 

Either way, if you are worried about the next couple of weeks at home with your kids, this guide is for you!

Start a Bucket List

This may require research on their part, but encourage them to think beyond their current age.  Do they want to fly in a hot air balloon? Ride a camel through the Sahara Desert? Encourage them to think big and work on this during their time off.

Learn Cooking or Baking

Maybe they can learn to cook or bake their favorite treat.  Cookies or Brownies anyone?  Learn measurements, how to find recipes on Pinterest, or create your own!

Sewing, Quilting, or Crocheting

When will your kids get the free time to learn this important life skill?  I am sure schools don’t teach this anymore.

Read a Book

Your kids likely have a dedicated time in school for reading.  Ensure that they keep up this habit even when not attending school.  Here are some tips on getting your kids to read more!

Go for a Bike Ride

Social Distancing approved!  Kids need physical activities and Mom's need the kids out of the house.  

Assign a New Chore 

My 9-year-old is into doing laundry with me now.  Have they ever washed windows, weeded, or shampooed the carpet?

Start a Garden

 Plant the seeds inside now to be prepared for your summer garden.  Your child can learn which fruits and veggies grow best at different times of the year!

Make Homemade Play-doh

There are plenty of recipes on Pinterest for this one!  Even if the older ones no longer enjoy playing with the Play-doh, they can enjoy making it for the younger siblings.

Make Slime

Instead of watching YouTubers make slime, encourage them to get creative and add their own twists to slime making.

Roller Blading or Skating

Does your child have rollerskates or rollerblades at home?  Now is the perfect time to brush up or learn that skill and get some exercise in!

Fly a Kite

If the weather is right this is the perfect physics lesson for the day!

Practice Photography Skills

Let them take the camera outside and capture nature shots. 

Play a Family Board Game

Great educational board games are Monopoly, Scrabble, Charades, or even Clue.  here are so many life skills and strategies to learn while playing board games!

Learn How to Play Poker

Grab some change from the piggy bank and teach them how to take risks, play blackjack, night poker, and many others.  Guaranteed to entertain them for hours!

Set up a Grocery Store

Learn about counting money and making change.  Teach them simple economics with supply and demand!   (a.k.a sell them some of your toilet paper at a premium!)

Create a Daily Schedule

Having them keep track of the time using an analog clock will help with telling time. This is perfect for ensuring they don’t just play video games all day and they are in charge of their own productivity!  

Go for a Hike

The fresh air and sunshine will do amazing things for their immune systems!

Mad Libs

Break out the Mad Libs books and then have them create their own Mad Libs!

Learn to Juggle

Now here is a skill that will entertain people of all ages!  Pick up this skill during your time off and they can use it for the rest of their life!

Home Improvement Projects

Put them to work!  Have they ever used tools, painted, or taken an interest in fixing things around the home?  These are all skills that are so important!

Organize the Pantry or a Closet

Find a way to make this normally dreaded chore a family event!

Learn Calligraphy

Take an online tutorial on how to write in calligraphy and then practice as a family.

Learn How to Make Homemade Soap

Their great-grandparents made their own soap.  Kids will find it fascinating that they can make something that they normally buy in a store.

Botany Project

Explore your backyard and identify 5 botany species, then research them.

Career Research

Great for the older ones and younger ones too!  Have them pick a career and research it.  Give them assignments like "what type of education does this job need?" and "how much money does this job make?"

Hide and Seek

Old fashioned hide and seek can be fun for all ages.  Do it outside to get some fresh air and Vitamin D

Teach the Kids About Money

With a lot of families trying to save money during this time, it's a great opportunity to teach your kids about saving and spending.  

Learn a New Dance

Find a tutorial on Youtube and learn the Git Up Song, Cha Cha Slide etc...


Just like the TV show.  Throw different ingredients together to make a neat new dish.  This just might spur an interest in cooking.

Write and Act a Play

Have your kids write a short play and then act it out for you.

Family Drawing

Have a themed drawing where you put things to do in a bowl or hat and you draw it and whatever it is you do.

Vacation Planning

We will get to travel again!  Your near term vacation plans are likely going to be on hold.  However, once the dust settles your kids will be excited to get out of the house and travel.  Have the pick a destination and research what there is to do there.

Easter Egg Hunt

No matter what time of the year it is, hiding eggs either indoors or outdoors is always a hit with the younger ones.

Get Outdoors

Ride their skateboard, scooter, or any other item in the garage that they never get to use.

Scholarship Hunting

Depending on their age, have them research and apply for scholarships, drawing contests, essays online, etc.

Other Educational Resources

Still Stuck?  Try any of these online educational resources that our kids have enjoyed...


ABC Mouse


Prodigy Math

Pants of Fire Podcast

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