SheIn Swimsuits Review – Don’t Fret Swimsuit Season

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There are two words that make most women cringe: SWIMSUIT SEASON

For moms, it can be even more depressing to think about putting on a swimsuit.

Having a “mom bod” can often make us feel insecure or unattractive. But the beautiful thing about women is that we come in many different shapes and sizes! 

That excess belly fat we have post-pregnancy? It’s a symbol of our strength. Those bags under our eyes? Evidence of how selfless we are. The list goes on; we sacrifice our bodies (and so much more) to give our children life, and that in and of itself is reason to celebrate - even during that dreaded swimsuit season.

So I was pretty excited when I found the fashion brand SheIN.

I really thought they have some great swimwear options for women, so I thought I'd do an overview here for all my readers.

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Whether you’re a mom who hits the gym five days a week, or a mom whose idea of cardio is chasing your kids around the house, SheIn has you covered in the swimsuit department.

Rock a bikini with confidence, strut your stuff in a one-piece, or try a style that falls somewhere in the middle. 

SheIn - The Lowdown

SheIn is a trendy fashion brand that sells their products direct-to-consumer (that means that you can't buy them in stores)

They focus mainly on women's wear, and also has a line for children too.

While a lot of their fashions target young women, we especially like the "Curve Plus" line for plus sized women.

Shein swimsuits review

While I like all the fashions that SheIn has, I really found myself browsing their great selection of swimsuits.

SheIn sells swimsuits in both one-piece and two-piece styles, including bikini sets, tankinis, bandeau tops and more. You’ll find sexy suits, sporty suits, neon suits and high waist suits. There is even a small selection of Mommy & Me swimsuits that you and your mini-me can wear together.

Here are some examples of Mommy & me swimsuits from shein

SheIn makes fashionable, quality swimwear that doesn’t require you to empty your children’s piggy banks to pay for it. You can buy several swimsuits from SheIn that cost the price of one swimsuit from a luxury retailer like Neiman Marcus. (Seriously - I’m talking $10-20 per swimsuit on average.) And yes, the swimsuits are fun and on-trend and figure flattering, no matter what your body shape is. For mamas with curvier figures, there is a Curve + Plus line of swimwear as well.

If you prefer to keep your swimsuit under wraps until it’s time to hit the water, SheIn also sells swimwear kimonos and cover-ups. These are great for days when you’re out and about but incorporate some pool or beach time into your schedule.


SheIn is becoming a more popular place to shop because the swimwear collection (and everything else that the brand sells) is not only affordable, there is also a wide range of styles, colors, and prints to choose from.

Shein swimsuit sizing

Any time you buy clothing online, you need to do your homework on how the sizes fit.  This is where the SheIn "Size Guide" comes in.  Each swimsuit on the site has a size guide where you can reference your bust, waist, and hip measurements along with a length measurement to help you choose the correct size. 

The best thing about this is that each swimsuit style has it's own size guide for that particular suit.  This means there is a greater chance of a good fit vs. one generic size chart for all the clothes on their site as many brands provide.

shein swimsuits shipping

SheIn offers two levels of shipping; Standard & Express.

Standard shipping arrives to US addresses in 6-8 days and is free with orders over $99.

Express shipping arrives to US addresses in 2-4 days and is free with orders over $49.

SheIN and environmental sustainability

On top of that, the company uses ISO Certified factories to make their pieces and prides itself in using fair labor practices. One thing that sets SheIn apart from other brands is that instead of manufacturing in bulk, pieces are manufactured in smaller batches to help reduce waste.

If you’re still not convinced that SheIn is the place to shop for your next swimsuit, here are a few that are likely to appeal to moms who want to make the most out of their next summer vacay. You’ll feel like the superhero that you are when you put one of these swimsuits on.

Shop SHEIN.com For The Latest Fashion Trends!

Our favorite shein swimwear pieces

Floral Print Halter One-Piece

For moms in the plus-size range who want to be mostly covered up but show a little skin, this style accentuates those womanly curves while offering a playful peek-a-boo effect of the chest, back and shoulders. 

The floral print and ruched hip area help disguise that tummy pudge so many moms despise, leaving you feeling more confident and comfortable. A pop of vibrant yellow has “summer vacation” written all over it and is sure to make you shine as bright as the sun.

The tie across the back also allows you to easily expose your neck if you want to work on your tan without having tan lines. When it’s tied around the neck, it looks cute and summery.

V Wired Cherry Print Ruffle Trim One-Piece

Give new meaning to the term “hot mama” when you flaunt your figure in this sweet and sexy swimsuit. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexy in swimwear (or any wear) as a mom. In fact, moms who wear revealing pieces with confidence are incredibly attractive. 

But this swimsuit is also playful and flirty, so it’s a great way to get in touch with your younger side. The ruffle details and back tie? Those are just the cherries on top.

Plus Criss Cross One-Piece

Another option we love for curvy mamas is this off-the-shoulder criss-cross style. It’s classic, classy and reveals just enough skin to add a touch of sex appeal. There is a fun cutout just below the cleavage area, so you’ll feel less frumpy and more mysterious when you put this on.

It also tapers at the waist, drawing less attention to the bottom half and allowing the focus to be on your stunning shoulder area. Made from nylon and spandex, the high stretch fabric leaves you feeling comfortable as well. If you want a swimsuit that has an attention-getting design without being too flashy, this is a great pick.

Floral Ruched Halter One-Piece

There is something so feminine about floral prints. This halter style swimsuit is no exception. Not only is it flirty, the design highlights your mom bod in all the right places. 

The v-neck is low enough to be sexy but not inappropriate. The bare back shows off your shoulders. The wide waistband draws attention to your waist and the ruched hips and tummy help cover those unflattering mid-areas. The tropical look of this swimsuit works fabulously for beach vacations, or at least for making you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. Pina coladas not included.

SheIN Reviews Conclusion

Mamas - don’t forget that your “mom bod” is something to envy. Not every woman can say she grew a small human(s) inside of her body. If you’re not looking forward to swimsuit season, hopefully by the time it comes, you’ll realize what a catch you are, and you’ll find a swimsuit that reminds you of your beautiful body’s purpose.

Even if you don’t like any of the swimsuits featured here, you are sure to find one that you love from SheIn because there are so many to choose from. And since they are so inexpensive, you can snag yourself a handful for all of your mama moods. Select orders also receive free shipping.

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