Fun School Supplies Your Student Will Love in 2022

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Back to school is upon us!

Many schools and teachers will soon be issuing you a list of very specific school supplies that leave little to no room for your child to express their individuality.  Well, that just took the fun out of school shopping!

 Getting new school supplies should be fun and allow your student to express themselves!   While many of the traditional school supplies are specified, there are still some school supplies that you can buy to get your kids excited to go back to school.

Don’t let the rigidity of your teacher’s supplies list rob your student of their individuality.

Butterfly School Supplies

Butterflies are timeless and loved by preschoolers and adults alike.  Butterflies are a symbol of beauty and freedom and represent uniqueness and free spirit.  Here are just some ideas of butterfly-themed school supplies that your child will enjoy.

Emoji School Supplies

With the introduction of the Emoji movie and the rise of communicating emotions digitally, emojis have become quite popular. Check out our top emoji school supply picks.

Dinosaur School Supplies

What little kid isn’t fascinated with dinosaurs? Dinosaur popularity has literally stood the test of time. Of course, the Jurassic Park movies have also helped with their popularity too. If your child loves dinosaurs here are some great school supply options for this school year.

Superhero School Supplies

What child hasn’t had the dream of being a superhero! In fact, many children still love superheroes well into their teens. If your child has ever tied a towel around their neck and pretended to fly you are not alone my friend! There are so many cool superhero-themed options to choose from, so we’ve curated a shortlist to help you pick out their gear for the year.

Peppa Pig School Supplies

There is just something about Peppa Pig that kids love! If I am honest, I even love watching Peppa and George Pig with my kids. Check these out! We’ve pulled together some super cute Peppa Pig school supplies to help you in your school supply search.

Paw Patrol School Supplies

If your child loves Paw Patrol they are not alone! There is just something about cartoon dogs saving the day that draws kids in. If your little one is obsessed with anything Paw Patrol, then check out these school supplies that are perfect for daycare age – elementary age.

Trolls School Supplies

Trolls became popular in the 1990s and came back stronger when they were reintroduced with a modern twist in 2016. Not only is the storyline appealing but the music is very catchy and loved by many age groups. If you have a trolls fan in your home, check out the school gear we’ve found!

Mickey Mouse School Supplies

Mickey Mouse is clearly an all-time favorite character to so many young and old. All 3 of my children were Mickey Mouse obsessed at some point and still enjoy him. We have picked out some Mickey school gear that works for all ages, check it out!

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  1. Sometimes I wish we didn’t homeschool just so I have an excuse to get the pretty backpacks and other things! Guess I could get them for road trips!!!

  2. The dino supplies are right up my sons alley. He loves dinos! Some really great supplies here, everything to complete the back to school check list.


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