10 Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician at Your Next Well Child Checkup

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Every mother knows keeping your child healthy is a huge part of parenting. Taking your child to the doctor can bring on a myriad of feelings.  Everything from excitement to nervousness can consume a mother who is on their way to a well-child visit. Hopefully, these suggested questions to ask your pediatrician will give you a better understanding of your child’s overall health. 

There is so much conflicting information in the world today, it’s nice to remember we have professionals to answer all our questions!  

With all the mommy blogs and FB groups out there today, the world is full of answers, but remembering how valuable your pediatrician is to the health and well being of your family is important too. 

You picked your pediatrician for a reason. Get the most out of your well-child visits by making sure you ask the right questions.

10 Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician About Your Child’s Health and Well-Being

What can I do to improve my child’s diet? Sometimes we are in survival mode and sometimes we are killing it in parenting substituting cauliflower for every carbohydrate in the house.  Giving your doctor an honest evaluation of what your child is eating on a weekly basis so he can give you an honest assessment of where you can do better is wonderful. Don’t get caught up in mom guilt, but let an expert give you a couple of tips on how you can improve your child’s nutrition.  

What amount of media is good for my age child? Doctors have the latest information on what media is doing to developing brains. They are human though and know you are too and will give you an honest amount of daily screen time your children should not exceed. It’s a good number to know, no matter what you do with it. 

What are the infectious diseases going around right now and how can we prevent them? This can give some of us anxiety and some of us peace of mind.  Knowing to be extra careful with handwashing at museums this month because of a measles outbreak in your country is something you don’t want to overlook though.   Get the info. Be smart about what you do with it. Always better to be informed than ignorant.

What do I do if my child is showing signs of anxiety or depression? Most doctors are not quick to medicate children for no good reason. Remember your doctor cares about your child too. With a little information about what is going on in your life, your doctor can help you assess a plan to help your child deal with their emotions.   At least knowing the signs, even if your child doesn’t have symptoms is valuable. Our article about questions to ask your kids after school should be helpful as well.

Should my child still be in a car seat or booster? With a full back or not? Rear or front-facing? Oh.My.Goodness.  It feels like the laws change all the time. The recommendations are different than the laws and don’t get me started on what every other, well-meaning mother on earth thinks about my child’s 5 point harness.  Just ask the big guy (or gal)  what they feel is best.  You can still follow stricter guidelines if you want, but at least you will have the peace of mind of your pediatrician giving you solid, unbiased advice on the matter. 

How much sleep should my child be getting on a regular basis? With all the sports and homework children have these days, it makes for some very long nights. It’s important to know based on your child’s age, how much sleep they should be getting. You want to maintain the flexibility you need to not go nuts as a mom, but you also want to make sure your child’s physical needs are being met. It’s a great way to assess your calender to know if maybe you’ve taken on too much as a family. If your child isn’t getting the recommended amount of sleep more than half the nights of the week, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and slow down. 

How much daily activity should my child be getting? Some TV ads say an hour. Some say 90 minutes. Depending on your child’s weight and height, there might be a more specific amount of daily activity your child should be getting.  Having a professional remind you of the importance of daily activity can be beneficial to your whole family, both physically and emotionally. 

Ask for a hearing test. Alright, I’ll be honest. I do this EVERY TIME. It’s important. It’s important because your children need to know that you know that the doctor said they can hear just fine. Seriously!!  In my brood of children I constantly have one child who just “oddly” can’t hear something everyone else heard. Guess what? If the doctor says they can hear and you KNOW they heard you, you can freely give consequences without the mom guilt. You’re welcome. 

Ask about any special concerns about allergies, fatigue, or attitude.  Every child is different. Just like there is no one-stop-shop for parenting perfection there is no perfect list of questions to ask your doctor. You know your child. If something seems off, talk to your doctor about it. Are your child’s eyes often watering? Do you suspect a food allergy, but aren’t really sure what to do? Ask your doctor the questions you’ve been meaning to ask in the parenting FB group.  Your doctor is a professional and will give you his professional opinion. 

Ask if you can email or call with questions when you aren’t sure you need an appointment.   We know life happens, but we don’t always know what warrants a trip to the doctor. Ask your doc if he or she is available for a quick question from time to time to avoid a visit.  Many doctors see the time-saving benefit of responding to a quick email or voicemail.  

Remember there are no perfect doctors, children, or parents, but with a good solid list of questions, you can at least make the most of every doctor visit you have.  Giving your child the best starts with great questions for those who have great answers. 

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  1. These are great questions! I always feel a little frazzled at doctors appointments, so it’s helpful to think of these questions in advance. One thing I like to ask about is the developmental milestones for my child’s age group – what should they be able to do at this stage and what I need to focus on with them if there’s something we haven’t worked on yet. I always find that helpful!


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