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Rothy's on the golf course

Rothys Shoes Review – I Love These Shoes! -What To Know Before You Buy

So you are considering buying your first pair of Rothy’s, but you’re not quite sure yet! Well, I absolutely love my Rothy’s and wanted to share a few reasons why…

Ways You Can Do In Reducing Kids Sugar Intake

The Definitive Guide To Reducing Kids Sugar Intake

Sugar and Children’s Health Sugar is probably my least favorite of the food evils.  It causes behavioral issues, rots our children’s teeth and seems to be an addiction for them,…

Funny baby shower gift ideas

Funny Baby Shower Gift Ideas – For Mom and Baby!

Funny baby shower gifts can bring some lighthearted laughter to this amazing yet scary time in a new parent’s life.  I received some unique and humorous gifts at my own…

valentine gift ideas for couples

Valentine Gift Ideas For Couples 2022

Valentines Day gifts can be tricky.  Flowers are nice, but they are overpriced, wilt, and die in just a few days!  Chocolates are sweet, but we are still dieting from…

30 Day Detox Tea – This works!

30 Day Detox Tea – This works!

Oct 14, 20181 min read
Did you know that toxins build up in your digestive tract over time from eating processed foods and chemicals? This can lead to bloating, acne, weight gain, and digestive problems …

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car essentials for mom

12 Car Essentials To Keep In Your Vehicle For Moms

Oct 14, 20183 min read
By my third child I learned that if I am not prepared, I will have unnecessary stress. There are lots of little things that you can do to make life …

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essential oils guide

Essential Oils Guide For Beginners

Oct 14, 20182 min read
If you are just beginning your journey of exploring the world of essential oils its can be overwhelming to know how to use them. The good news is we made …

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Tips to get your kids to read more

5 Tips To Get Your Kids To Read More

Oct 14, 20182 min read
Today, we’re going to the tips to get your kids to read more books. If your family is anything like mine, reading a book isn’t the first thing your child …

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Welcome to Super Mom Picks

Welcome to Super Mom Picks

Oct 12, 20181 min read
I am a quality loving, time saving, health conscious, educated consumer! Throughout my life people have asked for my opinion on products and I love to share it.  I decided …

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