Battle Of The Online Trendy Shoes – Rothy’s vs. Allbirds vs. Vessi vs. Birdies

Battle Of The Online Trendy Shoes – Rothy’s vs. Allbirds vs. Vessi vs. Birdies

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Every time I scroll thru my Facebook or Instagram feed these days I see a new ad for a hip new shoe brand vying to catch my attention.

As a shoe gal myself, I love seeing all of these new brands and the unique materials and features they are made of.  I love shopping for shoes online!  In fact, I may never visit a shoe store again.

My own love for online shoe shopping led me to start comparing all these brands like Allbirds, Rothy's, Vessi, and Birdies to name a few.  I'll share my findings in this review so that you can decide which may be best for you.

Happy shoe shopping ladies!

let's start with a quick "Cheat Sheet" for the lowdown on these shoe brands


Price Range

$95 - $135

$120 - $180

$125 - $135

$95 - $140

Sizes Available

Whole sizes only, from 5-11

Whole and half sizes from 5-13

Whole sizes only, from 5-11

Whole and half sizes from 5-12

Best Known For

Eco-friendly, soft, synthetic wool, and super comfy!

Made from recycled water bottles, comfy, and machine washable!

Lightweight, breathable, vegan, and 100% waterproof!

Shoe on the outside. Slipper on the inside.

Popular Style

Allbirds Women's Wool Runner Mizzles, Natural Grey, Size 8
Birdies The Starling - Cheetah Print Flats, Size 7, Calf Hair

Best For

Everyday wear, errands around town, taking kids to practice

Going from the office straight to soccer practice

Travelers and urban dwellers

Dressing to impress in luxurious comfort

Savings Available?

Allbirds discount?Nope, you can stop searching. They are always full price!

Save $20 on your first pair using this coupon

Save 30% using code

Occasional % Off Sales

Eco Friendly?

Kids Sizes?

Machine Washable

Removable Insoles

Return Policy

30 days, no questions asked

30 days, unworn and unwashed

60 days, unworn and undamaged

30 days, unworn

Our Love

Allbirds- My Review and Thoughts

Designed to be comfortable and wearable all year, Allbirds takes protecting the planet very seriously. The brand’s proprietary knit, Trino™, combines eucalyptus tree fibers with merino wool to create shoes that are breathable and provide moisture-wicking, while also reducing pollution and waste.


The tree fiber that Allbirds uses is sourced from South African farms that rely on rainfall, not irrigation, using 95% less water. 

And speaking of water, one of Allbirds styles is the Mizzle. Available both as a runner and a runner-up, this shoe is made with a weather repellent Puddle Guard™, which translates to rainy-day friendly. In scientific terms, it is a breathable shield beneath a reinforced wool upper that has an ECO PASSPORT Certified coating.


If you spend your days in a climate that sees a lot of rain, the Mizzle will keep your feet dry as you go about your routine.

Allbirds Women's Wool Runner Mizzles, Natural Grey, Size 8

The Mizzle

Here are the other Popular Allbirds styles available


Allbirds Women's Tree Slip On Shoes, Red, Size 8


Allbirds Women's Tree Flats, Navy, Size 8


Allbirds Women's Tree Skipper Boat Shoes, White, Size 8


Allbirds Women's High Top Shoes, Black, Size 8

All styles are sustainably made and come in an array of different colors. 

What can I wear with Allbirds?

Most of the shoes have a more casual look, making them ideal to wear with jeans or sporty pieces, although the Breezers could definitely work with a casual, feminine day dress. 

How much do allbirds cost?

Prices for Allbirds shoes range from $95 to $135.  Allbirds are available in whole sizes only, and they recommend sizing up if you are normally a half-size.  One strategy is to order both the size up and down if you are unsure. Keep the pair with the best fit and return the other!

Are allbirds discounts available?

Nope.  Unlike a lot of the other brands which have special offers or discounts available from time to time, Allbirds prides themselves on not discounting their products.  So, if you are scouring the web for coupon codes, save yourself some time and just head over to the Allbirds site.  They even have a whole page on their site about why they don't discount.

Our allbirds Verdict

Allbirds seem to be all the rage with Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Garner, Cindy Crawford, and Blake Lively and we can totally see why.

If you are looking for the ultimate in comfort and simplicity then you need to check out allbirds.


Best For:

Everyday Wear, Basic Fitness





Rothy's - My Review and Thoughts

Before I start, if you have not heard of Rothy’s yet (where have you been living?) then let me give you the quick 4-1-1 on them.

With a focus on sustainability, Rothy’s is a shoe company dedicated to using eco-friendly materials, processes and packaging. The uppers of Rothy’s shoes are made from recycled plastic water bottles, repurposed to become the brand’s signature thread.

Other elements used to make the shoes include carbon-free rubber, bio-based castor oil and humanely harvested merino wool. Rothy’s shoes are machine washable (with cold water), allowing for a quick and easy foot refresher. 

There are five silhouettes to choose from at Rothy’s, all of which are ideal for wearing on a daily basis. Each style comes in a variety of colors and prints, to allow for dressing up or adding a touch of fun to any ensemble as needed. The five options are: The Flat, The Point, The Loafer, The Sneaker, and The Chelsea

The Chelsea

This is Rothy's newest style and my new personal favorite!  First, I LOVE that I don't need to wear socks in the cold winter months while wearing these shoes!  The secret is in the merino wool!  

Second, I LOVE that even in the rain, my feet stay dry.  Third, they are the hippest shoes that I currently own!  I have worn them with jeans, leggings, skirts and shorts and they look cool with all of them.  My next pair of shoes is definitely a Chelsea, I am just waiting for the next color launch from Rothy's! 

The Flat - a classic ballet style flat 

The Point - a classic ballet style flat with pointed toes

The Loafer - a classic loafer style flat

The Sneaker - a sporty style laceless, flat sneaker

The Chelsea - a sporty style, laceless ankle height sneaker

Rothy's Styles

How much do Rothy's cost?

Rothy’s shoes are available in both whole and half sizes and range in price from $120 to $180.

What can I wear with my Rothy's?

For women whose style is classic, corporate or conservative, Rothy’s adds just enough color and texture to any outfit to give it a boost of fashionable function. Moms are sure to like the fact that the shoes are machine washable, because we all know that anything in the vicinity of children is bound to get dirty pretty fast. 

For career-minded women, Rothy’s offers a selection of shoes that can easily take you from the office to happy hour, no problem.

Rothy's for kids

If you want to share your style with your daughter, you are in luck.  Rothy's also has a wonderful kid’s collection, with fun and colorful styles that averages a $55 price point.  I love sharing my style with my daughter!

How To Buy Rothy's

You won't find Rothy's in your local department store, or on Amazon....

Rothy's are only sold on their own website, and it's a great buying experience. If you need to do a return, that is also handled right on their site.

You can use my link, Get $20 Off! your first order

Rothy's discounts

Rothy's does not give a lot of special discounts.  However, one special discount is for teachers.  Rothy's gives teachers 20% off!  That is an awesome thing to do, yay Rothy's.  Visit www.rothys.com/teacher to get the discount.

If you care about sustainability and the earth you will love that Rothy's recycle and make stylish shoes out of recycled water bottles.  According to the Rothy’s website, “one million water bottles are sold internationally each minute. Only 9% of those bottles are recycled, leaving the remaining 91% in landfills and polluting our oceans.”  If we can all get behind companies like Rothy’s we can change the trajectory of our environment for the better.

Rothy's - My Personal Experience

I’ve worn my Rothy’s to concerts, cookouts, weddings and even Disney World! Rothy’s are always introducing new colors and patterns as well as retiring colors, so I’ve found that if you love it, get it soon!  I find it helpful to subscribe so that I get emails as new colors are introduced. 

My second favorite Rothy style is the point! They work in the office or at the airport, on the golf course watching my son play, or even at the grocery store.  I even wore them to a professional football game once.  Speaking from experience the marigold points are perfect for a Pittsburgh Steeler's game!    

These shoes are so comfortable I could wear them around the house, on a walk in my neighborhood, while I am shopping all day, or even at the beach. We are an active family and I have never had blisters or sores from my Rothy’s regardless of the number of steps I took in a day. Who knew that recycled water bottles could be so comfy?

Each Rothy's shoe is crafted using 3D knitting which is pretty cool.  The soles are made from carbon-free rubber and the adhesive is vegan and non-toxic. They are super flexible which adds to the comfort component.

Here we unbox a new pair of Rothy's chelsea's

Our Rothy's Verdict

Rothy's offers the ultimate in versatility.  You can wear your Rothy's to work, then head straight to soccer practice and never miss a beat.

We particularly like the wide variety of colors available, making it possible to find something that fits your style.  Fast and free shipping and free returns make trying Rothy's a no-lose situation.

Best For:






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Vessi footwear - My Review and Thoughts

All of the shoes made by Vessi are 100% vegan and 100% waterproof. The brand’s patented Dyma-tex is a breathable knit that keeps feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With antibacterial insoles and lightweight soles, Vessi shoes can be worn any time of year in any kind of weather. 

Vessi's are available in three different sporty styles and a few neutral colors.

Each style is similar to the others with slight differences in features:

Cityscape Sneaker is the most lightweight with a signature wave grip

Everyday Sneaker has extra arch support and soles with herringbone grip

Everyday ​​​​​​​Slip-On is laceless and easy to slip on with herringbone grip

Cityscape Sneaker

Everyday Sneaker

Everyday Slip-On

These shoes appeal to women who live an active lifestyle. They are also a smart choice to pack for traveling, since they work for any kind of weather. 

If you’re planning a trip where you’ll be doing a lot of walking, these shoes seem to be worth investing in. Vessi's shoes run true to size but are only available in whole sizes. It is recommended to size up if you normally wear a half size.

Here is a video testing how water proof and comfortable vessi shoes are

How much do vessi's cost?

Expect to pay about $135 for a pair of Vessi shoes. Not a bad deal for a shoe that withstands rain, sleet and snow all year round. The company also offers free standard shipping, free exchanges and free returns within 60 days.

Vessi | Free Shipping On Orders $35+

What can i wear with my vessi's?

Vessi shoes are perfect to wear with jeans, leggings, joggers, or shorts.  They even look cool with dressy shorts or khaki type shorts. They are a great alternative to an athletic sneaker for days when you are walking a lot, but want to look stylish.  

Each shoe is crafted using 3D knitting which is pretty cool.  The soles are made from carbon-free rubber and the adhesive is vegan and non-toxic.  They are super flexible which adds to the comfort component.

vessi vs. allbirds - Battle of the waterproof sneakers

There are many similarities between the Vessi line of shoes and the Allbirds Mizzle style of shoe.  The styles look similar, and the common theme of course is the waterproof materials keeping your feet dry in the rain.

here is the vessi cityscape next to the allbirds mizzle

Vessi Cityscape Sneaker

Allbirds Women's Wool Runner Mizzles, Natural Grey, Size 8

Allbirds Wool Mizzle

Our Vessi footwear Verdict

Vessi Footwear are making a "splash" in the market (pun intended) with their line of waterproof shoes. 

While we wish they offered half-sizes, reviewers all report that that the fit is surprisingly comfortable due to the flexibility of the materials used.

If we were planning a trip and wanted to minimize the number of shoes needed, Vessi would be our top choice.

Vessi | Get 10% Off Your First Order

Best For:

Everyday Wear, Travel





Birdies - My Review and Thoughts

The tagline for Birdies is “The stylish flat that’s secretly a slipper.”

Birdies shoes were designed by two moms, originally intended as stylish slippers to wear while entertaining at home. Using a 7-layer cushion technology,

Birdies combine  “the support of a sneaker, the softness of a slipper and the style of a designer flat.” 

Birdies 7 Layer Technology

Birdies 7 Layer Technology

The Starling is Birdie's most popular style, and we can see why.  It is a ballet style flat, with over 20 style options from faux cheetah fur to cognac leather and everything in between.

The Starling uses a Vegan Velvet material, and a no-slip rubber sole with a 10mm heel.

Birdies The Starling - Cheetah Print Flats, Size 7, Calf Hair

In addition to The Starling, Birdies have two other styles of flats, called The Heron and The Blackbird.  

Birdies also have a very fashionable line of slides, that also use the 7 layer technology for extreme comfort.  The Phoebe, Songbird, Lovebird, and Raven are the Birdies Slides.

Lastly, Birdies makes a sandal style called The Sparrow.  Available in four color combinations, The Sparrow fits a tad small, so we recommend ordering a half-size up.  We LOVE the Blush Satin Fringe !

Here is the entire Birdies Lineup:

The Starling - a ballet style flat ideal for wearing every day

The Phoebe - a slip-on slide that looks like a slipper

The Heron - a pointed toe ballet style flat with rich fabrics

The Lovebird - a statement slide with fancy feathers

The Blackbird - a more durable sole designed specifically for outside wear

The Songbird - a standout slide embellished with decorative details 

The Sparrow - a flat sandal with fringe

The Heron

Birdies The Heron - Black Flats, Size 8, Velvet

The Blackbird

Birdies The Blackbird - Black Slides, Size 8, Calf Hair

The Songbird

Birdies The Songbird - Snow Crystal Gray Slides, Size 7.5, Velvet

The Phoebe

Birdies The Phoebe - Cheetah Print Slides, Size 7, Calf Hair

There is also The Little Starling collection, available in four fun colors for kids. 

How much do birdies cost?

Because of the quality that Birdies provides, they range in price from $80 to $165 and come in both whole and half sizes. Of all the brands reviewed, Birdies offers the widest range of styles and textures. 

Birdies Women's Flats

What can i wear with my birdies?

What can't you wear with your birdies?!  These richly elegant shoes look amazing with any outfit in any locale!  Whether you are wearing jeans, skirts, dresses, dress slacks, or even shorts these shoes scream, "I have class!"

Our birdies Verdict

Birdies market themselves as "Shoes on the outside, slippers on the inside" and they sure do come through on that promise! 

Their 7-layer technology does result in some seriously comfy flats without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Birdies Women's Shoes

Best For:

Luxurious comfort and style





Allbirds vs. Rothy's vs. Vessi vs. Birdies Comparison Table


Price Range

$95 - $135

$120 - $180

$125 - $135

$95 - $140


Whole sizes only, from 5-11

Whole and half sizes from 5-13

Whole sizes only, from 5-11

Whole and half sizes from 5-12


Kids' Sizes Available

Machine Washable

Removable Insoles

Return Policy

30 days, no questions asked

30 days, unworn and unwashed

60 days, unworn and undamaged

30 days, unworn


Which do we recommend?  Allbirds vs. rothy's vs. vessi vs. birdies

This review really isn't about choosing which of these brands are "the best".  The truth is that each of them are super high-quality, eco-friendly, stylish shoes that you will likely fall in love with!

With that said, here are our recommendations depending on exactly what you are looking for:

Best for Everyday wear:

Allbirds.  Whether running errands around town, taking the kids to practice, or meeting your bestie for a lunch meetup, Allbirds are a great everyday shoe that will leave your feet feeling great even after a long day.

Best for going from the office to soccer practice

Rothy's.  The variety of styles and colors make Rothy's super versatile for your wardrobe.  You can literally wear them to the office, the airport, or the grocery store and be comfy and trendy.

Best for Travelers and urban dwellers

Vessi.   Great for around the city, and keeping your feet dry when a rainy day interferes with your plans.

Best for dressing to impress with luxurious comfort

Birdies.   When you want to be stylish and comfortable, then Birdies are what you need.

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