50 Non-Electronic Gifts Under $50 – Save Your Child from Technology Addiction

50 Non-Electronic Gifts Under $50 – Save Your Child from Technology Addiction

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Let's face it, if you look at your kids wish list, I bet it is filled with things like phones, tablets, video games, and other items that would keep their noses firmly planted in their electronic world!

Technology addiction is real and your kids are growing up without knowing the simple pleasures that an activity like flying a kite, or launching a toy rocket, or even letting out some aggression by hitting a punching bag.

On this list you will find lots of non-electronics gift ideas for your kiddos that just might get them back into the "real world".

On this list you will find 50 gift ideas that.....

  • use exactly zero batteries
  • may just get your kids to go outside
  • could teach your child a new skill
  • will keep your kids from technology overload
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Gift Ideas for Boys under $50

Easy Fly Kite for Kids and Beginners

Every child needs a kite!  We love this particular kite for its Sea-n'-tree, no loss guarantee.  

Just snap a picture of your kite in a tree, lake, or the sea and this company will send you a replacement for free.  

This cool guarantee is perfect for child just learning this awesome skill!  Check this one out and others from this company using our link below.

Slammo Game Set

Does your child have an athletic talent?  Do they enjoy competition and show signs of amazing hand eye coordination?  We think this hours of fun sport may have competitive leagues in the future.  Start them early!

Slammo is growing in popularity and is being played in the yard, in the house, on the beach, and at family gatherings!  

This product is easy to store with folding legs and a drawstring bag so you can take it anywhere with ease. 

We love this toy because it keeps them active! Don't pay for a Spikeball set when you can save big!

Magnetic Dart Board

Here is a potential talent they can sharpen!  This fun toy can be played solitaire or with an opponent.  Our family has this dart board and even our 2 year old plays it!  

We love the magnetic darts because they don't harm the walls.  This analog toy provides hours of fun and sharpens their aim!  

The boy who never gave up book

Give the gift of reading and teach your young man why grit is important to his success!  

This gift isn't just educational, it's character building!  No matter what your child pursues, grit breeds greatness! 

Check out the look inside feature using the Amazon box below.

stomp rocket launcher

Is your child interested in space?  Do they show signs of fascination for physics?

We love this toy for it's super fast assembly, and you can take it anywhere for some no battery kind of fun!  Encourage relationship building by taking it to the park or other public outings to get a group of kids together to enjoy!  

This one is a classic that all kids should have.  Check out the video using our Amazon link below.


Does your child have an imagination that could lead to a career in engineering?  Give them the gift of making the most epic and dangerous roller coasters ever!  

This toy can be played alone or with friends.  We love the imagination and creativity that this toy inspires! Check out the video using our Amazon button below!


Does your child have agility and coordination that makes you wonder where they got it from?  Gift them hours of fun as they learn a new skill!  

This stilt set is for kids ages 4+.  Give this gift and encourage balance, coordination, and strength building.

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

Does your child love to play every sport and enjoy learning new ones?  Here is a skill that not all kids have mastered!

Creating hours of exercise and entertainment, this toy is ideal for kids 80 - 160 lbs.  It gets great reviews and comes in multiple colors.  Check it out below.

Punching Bag

Maybe you have a future Muay Thai instructor on your hands or your child just needs a physical outlet.  Whichever is the case, this punching bag is awesome because it comes with everything you need for your child to start using it immediately

 Tween years can be stressful so give them an outlet!  The bag stand is adjustable so its perfect for kids ages 5-12.   

Yogi Boomerangs

We believe that the best gifts are ones that teach your child a skill.  The Yogi boomerang comes with instructions and is perfect for beginners.

The Yogi boomerang is high quality and will entertain kids ages 7-70!  This particular one is for right handed kids so search the button below for left if you need it.

Wooden Chess Game Set

Does your child have a knack for calculating cause and effect?  Do they love strategy and complex puzzles?  This timeless game has been teaching children strategy for ages!  Every child should learn the skill of playing chess.  

This wooden chess set is one that they will be able to keep into adulthood.  We love the storage drawers for the pieces so they don't get lost.  

LEGO Architecture London Skyline

Is there a future engineer in your family?  Does your child find amazement in superior structures and history?  An excellent gift for kids or adults, this London skyline is amazing!  

Check out some of the great wonders of the world in LEGO sets using our Amazon button below.

Perplexus Epic- 3D labryrinth 

This epic technology free toy is hours of fun and challenge for your child.  Perfect for travel with no loose pieces this game will teach them dexterity and improve hand eye coordination.  You may get hooked on this one too!

Mini Hockey Goal Set

Does your child show signs of athletic talent?  Do they seem to be tough as nails?  Maybe hockey is their talent.  Here is a starter set to find out! 

This set is perfect to play in the basement, garage, or outdoors!  We love it because it promotes physical activity and lets face it, its fun!

Telescope for Kids

Does the universe amaze your child?  Open up their world by giving them their first glimpse at how big the universe really is.  You may just unlock a passion for stars, planets, and exploration of the unknown.  

Give the gift of a toy that is electronic free and educational and teach them to enjoy the beauty that is all around them.  

Pair this with a constellation book and you are building on your child's knowledge!

razor scooter

Every child should learn to ride a scooter and we love Razor brand for the quality and ease of transportation.  It's even compact enough to store in your vehicle for impromptu days at the park!

beginner microscope

Did your child play doctor or vet as a toddler?  Do they have a desire to know how things are made and how they behave?  Give the gift of knowledge with their very own microscope!

Every kid should have a microscope at home.  Create an obsession with viewing every and any substance in your child by giving them the tools to be a scientist!


Oh the places they will go!  Give the gift of a skill!  Skateboarding can be a fun and amazing sport.  Just be sure they are safe as they learn!  

Juggling Balls Professional Set of 3

We love teaching our kids every and any skill we can.  These juggling balls make for a great stocking stuffer or as a stand alone gift.

How cool would it be if your child could entertain the masses with their unique juggling talent?  

These quality juggling balls come with a sleeve and are made with breathable, machine washable materials.  



Looking for family activity ideas that don't involve everyone staring at their phones?  We call these "Analog Moments".  Check out our article here:


FIshing pole set

Fishing is the perfect way to spend time outdoors and teach the beauty of nature. This children's fishing pole is the ideal starter pole with ease of casing and safety features. Comes with a tackle box and plenty of extras plus a carry case.

Gift Ideas for Girls Under $50

Kids Chemistry Junior Experiments & Reactions Science Lab

Is she interested in how things are made?  Is she fascinated by magic?  With 32+ experiments she will be entertained for hours and not by a device!  

There are several neat experiments such as fry an egg with cold, and put a needle through a balloon without popping it.  

Check out the video and the money back guarantee on this great gift idea.


Every kid needs a scooter.  This one is great for kids ages 7-15.  We love that its super light weight for easy carrying and storage in small places.  

Store her scooter in your car for impromptu trips to the park!

National Geographic Geodes

Does your child have a passion for science, nature, and sparkly things?  This kit is perfect for the geology lover!  Your child will get 10 geodes to break open, discover, and collect.

String Art Kit

Does your child enjoy making things, art, and decorating their space?  My daughter really enjoyed these!  This set comes with 3 canvas and instructions to create a bird, starburst and the word FUN!

Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

Does she have a love for flowers, art, and a desire to grow a green thumb?  Teach her to grow and sustain beautiful flowers and she'll learn that skill for life.  We love that she can also decorate her flower pot and display her style!

Sewing Kits Woodland Animals Craft

Every child should learn to sew.  This sewing set is what got my daughter interested in sewing.  The animals are adorable and she gained the confidence needed to take on bigger sewing projects.  

This set is perfect for kids 7+ who want to dabble in sewing and learn a new skill that is super important!

Activ Life Best Kid's Flying Rings

It's time to get off the devices and get outside!  These flying discs are a great activity to do with your child to get them up and moving and learn a new talent.  

We love that they are light weight and easier to catch than a Frisbee.  Grab them in multiple color options.

STEM Educational Flexible Building Sticks

These are so fun at any age, create hours of fun and are a great creative outlet.  Not only do my kids stay busy with these, but I enjoy them.  

Want to have more family time that isn't in front of electronics?  Create a family challenge and vote on most interesting creation!

Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Kids, Families and Mischief Makers

Hours of family fun time for everyone!  Play this card game as a family on the road as you head to your experience destination!  Check this one out, we think it will be a popular one this Christmas!

LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Sports Arena

Are you encouraging the engineer in her?  LEGOS are always a good choice, but I loved this one because once built my daughter could use the basketball hoop as a game.  

There are so many LEGOS to choose from, so check out the similar items list using our Amazon button below. 

Girls Think of Everything

Does your child show signs of seeing the world a little different than most?  Does she have a knack for simplifying tasks, thinking about problems as opportunities and is fascinated by inventions?  If yes to any of these qualities, this book will spark inspiration!  

We love this book for it's collection of short stories featuring some of the neatest inventions throughout history, all created by women!  

Get a sense of what is inside by checking out the look inside feature using the button below.

Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel 

Fishing is a life skill that all children should have.   We like this pole for it's telescopic feature and the extras that it comes with.  Teach her to fish and she will never go hungry!

Calligraphy Set

How cool would it be to be able to write like our ancestors?  Give her the skill of artistic writing with this great starter calligraphy set.  

She is certain to use this neat skill throughout her life perhaps for her wedding, during her career and as she volunteers in her community!


Does she love comfort, science, and have an entrepreneurial interest?  Give her the gift of knowing how to make her your own bath bombs and she may just decide to sell them!  

This set comes with a step by step guide to learning the chemistry behind making a bath bomb. 


Do you have a trill seeker on your hands?  We think it's pretty cool to know how to roller skate.  This awesome sport is making a come back from the 80's so get her started early!


Does she have a love for designing, possess artistic abilities, and have an eye for fashion?  Give her the gift of her very own drawing and design portfolio!

With or 100 different styles to pick from, she can spend hours working on our creative side. I must admit, this would entertain me too!  

She may just discover that she loves to express herself!


Slime is so cool right now!  Bring out her inner artist with some many different add-ins she could spend hours making slime! 

We've found the ultimate slime kit! This set has just about everything you can add to slime for hours of slime making fun. We love that this kits comes with a 90 day guarantee!


Does she have an eye for fashion and love to work with her hands?  Does she have a passion for giving and an entrepreneurial mindset?  Teach her the skill of weaving and creating bracelets that she can share with her friends or make products that she can sell.  

This kit comes with step by step instructions so your child can learn how to make a para cord bracelet.

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run

Spark her inner engineer and perhaps she will follow her passion!  This STEM encouraging toy will give her a creative outlet while satisfying her need to solve puzzles. 

We love that you can increase the difficulty level as your child masters the challenges.  You can never go wrong with Thinkfun brand!  This STEM tool was awarded toy of the year!


We've saved our best gift for last! Give her the experience of getting to know her grandmother at a deeper level.  Many of us are fortunate to know our grandparents through our teenage years, but may not have the chance to talk to our grandmother as we age.  

This special journal encourages getting to know your grandmother at a different level.  We love this for girls as they get into the tween phase as it is so important to stay connect with their grandmother.

This facilitated journal gives grandmothers and granddaughters a daily excuse to connect on a different level. 

This journal can be found for mothers and daughters, sisters, and others.  

Gift Ideas for Girls or Boys under $50


Does your child love to do amazing things that not everyone can do?  How cool is it to be able to get around quickly and of course safely on blades!  

This is a skill we recently bought our 9 year old and she loves them!  Check out the button Amazon to see all the colors they come in!

Drawing Stencils Set

Do you have a little artist in the making?Hours of fun are to be had with this travel friendly stencil set!  

This is a great gift for boys or girls with over 300 stencils they can create portfolios of different scenes!

Ultimate Magic Kit

Does your child love to entertain?  Everyone loves an entertainer and magic is a favorite for kids ages 4-104!

Magic is a great skill to teach and one that can be used in most any profession as a cool talent.  This particular set gets great reviews, check it out!


Does your child enjoy making things with their hands?  Here is a cool talent that not everyone has!

This kit is super cool because it comes with the instructions and paper to make a new origami every day for a year!

bocce ball set

Does your child love every sport?  If they haven't played bocce ball they are missing out on this skill set.   

Ladder Toss Outdoor Game Set

Ladder ball toss is a game widely played in scenes such as college, family reunions, neighborhood gatherings, and even business office parties.  This would be a pretty cool skill for your child to have to help in these social settings!

Check it out using our button below.

Portable PVC Framed Cornhole Toss Game Set

This cornhole toss game is perfect for beginners!  Cornhole is another game that is perfect for gatherings that your child could benefit from being skilled in.  


Does your child show an interest in playing a musical instrument?  Would they like to dabble in having a group of kids play instruments together?  This guitar is the perfect size for a beginner and comes in several different colors.  

The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

Perhaps one of the most amazing things that you can teach your child to do well is prepare healthy, delicious food for themselves and others.  

We love this book because it isn't just a recipe book.  It teaches hygiene, tools, measurements, buzz words and more.  

Check out the Look inside feature using our button below.

Letz Talk Card Game for Families

Give the gift of thought provoking fun for the whole family and learn something new about the people that you love!  

This card game can be played in the car, airplane, around the kitchen table or even in a waiting room!  

Challenge your children to think thoughts they have never considered and they will grow up to exercise that muscle.  

We saved this family bonding experience for last because we believe it is one of the most important ingredients for their education!

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