Mermaid gifts for girls – Top 5 Picks

Mermaid gifts for girls – Top 5 Picks

Who doesn’t love mermaids?  Mermaids have grown in popularity since the early 1990’s when the original “Little Mermaid” debuted.   Today’s hottest mermaid trend is the fabulous color combination of teal and purple with sequins and sparkle thrown in.

Mermaids are universally loved by girls of all ages and mermaid gifts of all kinds are more popular than ever.  You can get just about anything mermaid themed, but here are our top 5 picks of mermaid gifts for girls of all ages.


#1 – Mermaid Tail Fin for Swimming

At the top of every mermaid loving little girl’s list is a mermaid outfit with real swimming fins!  My daughter loves to wear these every time we go for a swim.  She can spend hours working on her mermaid swimming technique and pretending that she is a real mermaid!  

This product is super easy to put on, use, and clean after a swim.  The stretchy material of the mermaid body goes right over the monofin and slips on very similar to a set of flippers.  After a swim, I just put the mermaid body fabric in the washing machine with the rest of the wet swimsuits and towels.  After the wash cycle, I simply air dry it.  

You can get this suit in many sizes, and it comes in so many gorgeous colors including a Wonder Woman theme!



#2 – Mermaid Handbag

The second item for mermaid lovers is this super cute bag!  This hobo crossbody style bag with a matching mermaid coin purse is adorable.  The mermaid coin purse can serve as a keychain or coin purse and is detachable.  The adjustable strap can go from 13’’ to 23’’ making this an excellent gift for girls of all ages.   



#3 – Mermaid Sequin Pillow

My daughter loves mermaids, sequins, and comfort!  Last Christmas she got this high-quality pillow, and she loves it!  On the front is a very velvety, soft cover that says “mermaids imagine” and on the back side are the purple and teal sequins.  She loves to lay on it while watching TV or while playing on her tablet.  The best part about this pillow is that she can write on sequin side with her finger.  We use this as a fun way to practice her spelling words each week!  There is just something fun about running your finger down sequins and changing the colors!



#4 – Mermaid Tail Comfy Warm Blanket

Speaking of comfort, number 4 on the list is a very soft full mermaid tail blanket!  This blanket is great to curl up with on the couch to read or watch TV.  I like that you can wear the strap around your neck or remove it and it comes in all the best mermaid colors!  Girls of any ages can use this blanket, even the moms!



#5 – 3D Mermaid Night Light

Finally on our mermaid lover’s list is a mermaid projector night light!  This 3D optical illusion night light projects seven different colors. It is great for even the smallest mermaid lovers up through adulthood.  The mermaid night light could be displayed anywhere, but we think it will make for a great night light either in their room or bathroom!





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