Best Healthy Halloween Treats in 2022

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Don’t be that mom!  Use some healthy Halloween ideas instead!  I dread the massive stash of sugar that my little trick-or-treaters bring home every year.

Healthy Halloween Treats

Check out these alternatives to candy. You still have time to get these delivered to your home thanks to Amazon!  “Alexa, order me some emoji bracelets”!

Slime ~ Your children will enjoy making a batch of homemade slime that they divvy out and give to trick-or-treaters this year.  At a very low cost, you can make a large amount that can be broken down into Ziploc bags or cheap containers. This is a super mom win!

Clementines ~ Now this is a treat that boosts immune systems and makes every mom smile.

Pirates Booty Popcorn ~ My children love pirates booty cheddar popcorn and wouldn’t even miss getting candy!  Moms love this treat because they can put it in packed lunches!

Non-GMO Variety snack packs ~ Alert, this is a super mom pick!  Nothing says I care about your children to your neighbors like handing out treats like these!

Toy airplane gliders ~ Not only is it not sugar laden, but it will get kids up and moving as they challenge each other to glider competitions.

Glow in the dark Bouncy Balls ~ These are fun to bounce around on trick-or-treat night from house to house and provide hours of entertainment at little cost.

Glow sticks ~ The instant gratification treat!  Your trick-or-treaters can snap these and enjoy them on a dark trick-or-treat night as they go door-to-door.

Bubbles ~  You can never have too many bubbles and they have a great shelf life too!

Emoji Bracelets ~ What kid doesn’t love emojis?  This may be the most popular item and could become a trading piece among the trick-or-treaters.

So there you go, don’t be that mom who hands out all those sugar-filled, teeth-rotting candy packs this Halloween.  Use these ideas instead!

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