Secret Santa Gifts for the office – 25 Epic ideas under $25

Secret Santa Gifts for the office – 25 Epic ideas under $25

Updated for Christmas 2019:

Secret santa gift ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  You’ve completed none of your Christmas shopping, and now you’ve been invited to join in the company's Secret Santa office gift exchange. 

Sometimes known as a "white elephant" or "Grinch exchange".  The hardest part of participating is just coming up with something clever, and funny, yet appropriate for your co-workers.  Here is Super Mom Picks' curated list of 25 epic office gift exchange ideas under $25.  Order your's now to be ready for the party!


The People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book ~ I would fight any co-worker to get this gift!  C’mon, I know what you really do on the other end of my conference call!

Beer Gut Fanny Pack ~ If you’re going to wear a fanny pack, it definitely should be this one! 


Big Mouth Toilet Mug ~ This one gets 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 1,500 reviews, so it’s guaranteed to be a good laugh.  This is great for the potty mouth in your office.


Awkward Family Photos Desktop Calendar ~ Give your co-workers the gift of a new awkward family photo every day in 2020!  Visit their office daily for your laugh of the day.  This is a great conversation piece!

Moldy Bread – Never Steal My Lunch Again ~ Guaranteed to stop your co-workers from stealing your lunch from the fridge.


Desktop Cornhole ~ Help your co-worker win the annual office cornhole tournament this year with their very own practice set for their desk.

What the F$$K Should I Make For Dinner ~ Do you have a co-worker that always struggles with what they are making for dinner?  This recipe book can help but it’s also a hoot!


Chia Pet Elephant ~ For the person who thought white elephant meant you had to bring something elephant related.  (there is always that one person) Grow your own elephant plant in your office and go green!


Personal Coffee Warmer ~You don’t want someone’s coffee getting cold during your frequent visits.


Desktop essential oils diffuser ~ How cute is this and functional too!

Inconsequential Dilemmas Flowcharts Book ~ It’s the perfect gift for anyone who faces meaningless judgment calls on a daily basis.


Electric Desktop Vacuum Cleaner ~ For the office clean freak in your group!  Sweep up crumbs and never have mice make your office their home.


Blah Blah Blah Button ~ The next time you want to make your co-worker go away hit your button.


Microwave Bacon Cooker ~ Do you have a co-worker that heats up Brussels Sprouts and makes the whole office reek? Gift them a better alternative and make them the most popular person in your office!


Silicone Microwave Popcorn Maker ~ Because who doesn’t love the smell of popcorn?  Again,  better than Brussels Sprouts.  And easy to clean in the office dishwasher!

Dunder Mifflin T-Shirt ~ A great gift for the office Michael in your group.


One Gallon All-Day Water Bottle ~  The #1 reason co-workers get cranky is dehydration, stop the thirst!  Nobody likes cranky co-workers.


Bouncy Ball Office Chair ~ For the coworker that always needs to move.  This chair is wellness committee approved!


Fingerless Gloves ~  We all have that one co-worker that is always cold no matter what.  These gloves keep them warm while they type away on their keyboard.

Crazy to Work Here Funny Mug ~ If this mug speaks to your culture, it’s a must!


Ugly Sweater Cookie Cutters ~ Guaranteed laugh upon unwrapping.


Office Life Adult Coloring Book ~ Because who doesn’t love poking fun of office life.  You just can’t make that stuff up!

 “Oh, the Meetings You’ll Go To” ~  A  parody by Dr. Suits!  Any Dr. Seuss fans in your office?


Poo-Pourri  Gone Flushin’ Toilet Tackle Box ~  For the fisher in your group or the office double flusher.


Toilet Time Potty Putter Game ~ Any golfers on your team?  This may slow down productivity, but it will improve morale!


And there you have it.  25 great ideas for your office coworkers gift exchange.  These gifts are guaranteed to be the hit of your party!

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