Funny Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Unique and Memorable!

Funny Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Unique and Memorable!

Funny baby shower gifts can bring some lighthearted laughter to this amazing yet scary time in a new parent’s life.  I received some unique and humorous gifts at my own baby showers and they helped me keep my sanity when parenthood got real!  If you are invited to a baby shower and are in need of some gift ideas, then check out this curated list of clever gifts, sure to add some fun to the party!



False teeth teether ~ This teether will turn heads and get laughs!



Welcome to the Club: 100 parenting milestones you never saw coming ~  Every new parent needs this book to keep it real.  These are hilariously funny but totally spot on!



Baby’s first onesie ~ Let your friends know where your new precious cargo was made!



Funny things my kid said ~ Small enough to fit in your bag, and totally necessary for when the baby starts talking!  Record those memorable things your babies have said, and maybe some things that you never thought that you would ever say.  These are great to share with them as they prepare to become parents themselves!



Baby funny face pacifiers ~ Parenthood is no joke.  Bring some fun and laughter to your friend’s new world of parenting.



Acute Baby Onesie ~ For the math nerd that is about to multiply!



Baby on Board ~ Hangover-inspired, safety approved.  Make sure you ride isn’t totally boring!



Prank Gift Box ~ I would pay to see the reaction to this gift at the baby shower!  Put your real gift in this box to get a rise!



The Wheel of Responsibility ~ Let mom and dad play this game to see who gets the next diaper.  Bring a little fun and fairness to their new lives!



Go the F**k to Sleep ~ Every parent needs this book!  My husband and I still talk about this book and our oldest is 11!  Listen to the audiobook for a laugh as Samuel L. Jackson gets it right!



#Momlife- A snarky coloring book ~ This is great for passing the hours while in the hospital awaiting baby or at 3 am while pumping!



Alarm/Mute funny pacifiers ~ These are fun, cute, and certainly useful!



Funny baby rattle ~ A funny baby gift for any parents that are into working out and staying fit!



Daddy diaper duty ~ Help daddy get ready for the mess that is inevitable in true dad fashion!



Diaper bag hand sanitizer ~ WTF was that hand sanitizer is a must have for any new parent!



Crib Dribbler ~ Keep your baby hydrated throughout the night and maybe you’ll get more sleep!  This replica rabbit water dribbler is an awesome prank gift for any baby shower. Just make sure your phone is ready to record their reaction!



Toddler Tamers~ Guaranteed to keep your toddler still long enough to get a nap!  What better way to get your friends ready for what is to come than a gift that screams I care about your sanity!



Frog Urinal~ Every little boy needs a urinal in his home, so be that friend!  Proven to make potty training a boy easier as they get to aim and game while peeing!

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