FridayBaby – Protection for Sensitive Ears

FridayBaby – Protection for Sensitive Ears

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I am really happy to work with our sponsor, FridayBaby, today to share this information with you!

Did you know that noise pollution, prolonged exposure to noise, and loud events can harm little ears and reduce hearing levels over time?

It just isn’t talked about enough, but loud prolonged noises, anything over 85 decibels can start to damage hearing and anything over 120 decibels can cause immediate harm!  To put this into perspective, a motorcycle engine is about 95 decibels and the inside of a subway train puts off sound around 100 decibels. Just imagine what attending fireworks, carnivals, or concerts can do to your little one’s hearing!    

Does your infant, baby, or toddler hate loud noise, making it difficult to enjoy public events like concerts, shows, school programs, or sporting events? 

I suppose your baby is telling you that these levels of noise are not good for them, but I totally get it, it is just a part of life and we need to attend these things!

Well, did you know that there is a cool new product on the market that is super comfortable, significantly reduces noise pollution for children, and gives you back your freedom to attend public events without worrying about these things?

I would like to introduce you to FridayBaby! FridayBaby noise cancelling headphones are perfect for infants, babies, and even toddlers reducing noise by 4-6 times the level and giving you back your freedom to take your baby to events!


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This product is ideal for sporting events, concerts, movie theaters, monster truck shows, racing events, air travel, and just about any public event that would awaken a baby or contribute to permanent or cumulative hearing loss over time.  

Not only are they a life saver, but Friday Baby has literally considered every detail when crafting these must have noise canceling headphones; from comfort, to style, to durability and even affordability!  

The ultra-soft leather is gentle enough for a newborn’s skin and they are extremely light weight at just 7 ounces!


They are designed to put absolutely no pressure on even the newest of newborns’ ears or head.


Does your baby hate anything you put on their head?  

These headsets are definitely worth a try as they have been carefully tested and crafted with comfort as one of the biggest design factors to keep babies from ever wanting to remove the headphones.   

The flexible, sturdy material used means that your baby won’t break them when they get their hands on them, and they are adjustable to fit newborns and even up to toddlers.    

For the crunchy moms, these are non-toxic and free from PVC, phthalates, vinyl, BPA and lead and this company is socially responsible by donating to charities and planting trees.  I don’t know about you, but this piece is super important to me!  

FridayBaby noise cancelling headphones come with a 5-year product insurance if you aren’t satisfied with the product, but the reviews on Amazon suggest that you will be.  This product gets a 4.8 out of 5 stars from customers just like you!

Oh, how I wish I had FridayBaby noise cancelling headphones when my oldest was a baby!  

When my oldest was 3 we took him on a Disney Cruise.  We were super excited to give him this experience and see his reaction to the amazing shows, water parks, food etc.  How did our 7-day vacation turn out?  Well, if we could confine ourselves to our stateroom, we were okay.  

Our son just couldn’t enjoy the visuals of Disney because he hated the loud and constant noise.  If you have ever been, you know that everything about Disney is stimulating and it was too much for him.  

I wish we had these noise cancelling headphones for him for this trip.  He very much enjoyed what he was experiencing and seeing but the music, crowds, fireworks, concerts, movies, and restaurant entertainment were just way too much for him.  

We won’t be in that boat again, (no pun intended) with our toddler!  With 2 older children we are constantly at sporting events, concerts, the movie theater, watching plays, and attending events, so I am so thankful to have this product for my toddler!   

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