Cupshe Swimwear Review – Best Styles For Moms

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When is the last time you found a swimsuit at a store that you adored?  For me it’s been over a decade ago!  I was first introduced to Cupshe swimwear about 2 years ago and I have been in love ever since!

The Cupshe Swimsuit styles are super unique, there is an awesome selection of swim suits for every body type, and the odds of you wearing the same suit as another mom at the beach are slim! You can definitely tell from the fashion statement that it’s a Cupshe that she is wearing!

With that said, we are going to do a Cupshe swimsuit review so that you know what to expect when purchasing.

Does Cupshe make swimsuits for real women like us?

I’m mostly at peace with my mom-bod; I know I’m not 21, I know I’ve carried babies in my belly, and I know I like to eat. I don’t need to cover up my curves like it’s the 1800s, but I’m not about to become a Victoria’s Secret cover model.

There has to be a bathing suit for grown-up women who just want to relax under an umbrella while their kids play ten thousand rounds of Marco Polo at the town pool, right?

I want a bathing suit that won’t make me feel body-shamed, but also won’t make me look like I’m trying too hard to recapture my youth. I’m not trying to trick anyone into thinking I’m not a 40-something mom, but I also want to be comfortable at the pool all summer. Is that so much to ask?

Mostly what I look for in a swimsuit is comfort. Can I get this on without hurting myself? Will everything stay in place even when a toddler launches himself at me? Will it go in the wash with the rest of the laundry? If the answer to all of these is “yes,” I’m sold. If the swimsuit in question happens to be trendy and stylish, too, well… I’m no Beyonce, but I’ll take it.

Here are some sample styles from cupshe

cupshe swimwearcupshe swimwear

Cupshe At a Glance

In a hurry and just want the the quick lowdown?

  • Cupshe swimwear is only available online on their own website and some styles are available on Amazon.
  • Most swimsuits are in the $20-$40 range and are surprisingly high quality.
  • They make cute and sexy bikinis, one-pieces, and plus size swimwear.
  • The Mommy and Me selections are super cute to match your mini-me at the beach!

What is Cupshe’s website like?

Cupshe’s online shopping menu allows you to search by type of bathing suit (one piece or two), further searchable by trend, style, or color. The regular sizes go up to a US 12. Plus-sizes (US 12/14 to 22/24) have their own menu, also divided by bikinis or one-pieces, and further branched off by trend, style, or color.

As for the size guide, there are sizing charts for each item, but only the plus-size items include bra measurements in addition to the letters (0X, 1X, etc.) and numbers (16/18, etc.) so that you can get your cup size.

For those of us who prefer to keep our belly buttons private but don’t have the energy to fight with a wet one-piece every time we go to the bathroom, there is a high-waist bikini bottom option. In fact, most of the plus-size bikinis come with high waisted bottoms. Not tummy-control, just high-waist.

Mix-n-match bikini tops and bottoms are available only for the regular sizes. Sorry, curvy ladies. This lack of options doesn’t thrill me, but the plus-size bikini bottoms are pretty cute so I’ll let it slide.

In addition to their regular line, Cupshe has a section called Blue, which they describe as “bold colors, daring prints, and sexy silhouettes.” And hey, if you can pull that off, more power to you. Show off that bod, Mama!

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Best Cupshe Styles For Moms

We’re all wonderfully different, with different bodies and different needs for those bodies. My belly button shame might be another woman’s marquee event. Whether you need a little extra help up top (hi!) or you want to show everyone how hard you have been hitting those early morning workouts this winter, there’s bound to be a swimsuit for you to try. 

If you want…

Try this one-piece

Or this bikini

A little extra support for the “girls”

A little extra support for the “girls”

Leafy V-Neck Print Plus Size One Piece SwimsuitOcean Blue Lace Up Plus Size Bikini

A little extra support for the “girls”

A little extra boost for the “girls”

A little extra boost for the “girls”

Lasting Appeal Stripe One-Piece SwimsuitBlue and White Leafy High Waisted Bikini

A little extra boost for the “girls”

Belly coverage

Belly coverage

Halter Lace-up Back One-Piece SwimsuitBlue Ruffled Plus Size Bikini With Printed Bottom

Belly coverage

To show off all those spinning classes

To show off all those spinning classes

Bright Orange High-Cut One-Piece SwimsuitGreen Cutout Textured Bikini

To show off all those spinning classes

To be an on-trend mom

To be an on-trend mom

Colorblocked Open Back One-Piece SwimsuitRed Polka Dot Cutout Bikini

To be an on-trend mom

Cupshe Sizing Considerations

Sizing can always be hard, especially with online purchases. Luckily, Cupshe has a sizing chart AND the reviews on each product sometimes indicate if something was true to size or not. I would go with the reviews as they often tell a ton about the actual product beyond the professional shot.

Cupshe Swimwear Review - Size Chart

Cupshe Swimwear Size Chart

Cupshe does something a little bit different with their bikinis. You can only purchase these as a set. SO…if you are someone who normally wears a different size for tops and bottoms, this could get tricky. I would either stick to a one-piece or give it a try based on the reviews on how others say that the suit fits.

Cupshe Swimwear Review - Bikini Tops

Cupshe Swimwear Shipping and Delivery time

Cupshe offers free shipping for orders over $15.  Expedited shipping is available for a reasonable cost of $8 – $16 depending on order cost and shipping speed desired.

The free shipping takes a little over a week to get to you. Some customers report that this can sometimes take longer, but my cupshe orders usually ships within 5-7 business days with standard shipping. 

So, if you’ve been putting off buying a swimsuit for that big trip you are leaving for TOMORROW…..then maybe a trip to your local Target is best but you won’t find that cute bikini, or extra chest support so don’t wait to try Cupshe!

Super Mom Picks Pro Tip

While Cupshe is mainly a Direct-to-consumer brand (meaning you buy directly from them on their website) there are select Cupshe styles available on Amazon!  This means you may be able to get quicker shipping in a pinch.  And you will have access to Amazon’s return policy.

Quality of Cupshe Swimsuits

Upon opening your delivery, you will find that each bathing suit is adorably packaged in a resealable plastic bag- perfect for storage and packing! When looking through the reviews, you will notice how the suits feel thick and of good quality. My favorite is a two piece with a high wasted bottom and it is a solid bikini with adjustable straps.  I have it in multiple colors with fun patterns like florals, stripes! 

Each comes with a panty liner (remember to keep it on while trying it on in case of returns or exchanges). Reviews state that the suits overall seem to fit great! The fabric that most are made out of have room and a lot of “give” to them. If you are bustier, it would probably be smart to just be attentive to ones that look like they don’t have the most supportive straps just as one would when shopping in a store. 

Caring for your cupshe swimsuits

After buying all of these cute suits, you don’t want to ruin them right away with improper care! Follow the instructions below to ensure that your swimwear will last!

Caring for cupshe swimwear

Mommy and Me

One of the cutest surprises about Cupshe is that some of their swimsuits come with matching sizes for little girls. So if you’ve always dreamed of looking like a Club Med ad on your vacation, make sure you search “Mommy and Me” on the website for all the darling mini versions of the grown-up swimsuits!

These designs allow you to have matching suits with your little and the reviews have been great. The sizes for kids run from 2-12 making it easy to buy for your toddler or child. Whether you choose to match your children or not, buying from this collection could be a cost-effective way to get suits for the whole family!

cupshe swimwear

Pink Ruffled Bikini with High Waist Bottom for Toddler Girls and Girls – $19.99 from Cupshecupshe swimwear

Pink and Floral Ruffled High-Waisted Bikini – $44.99 from Cupshecupshe swimwear

Yellow Floral Printed Front Tie Bikini for Toddler Girls and Girls – $19.99 from Cupshecupshe swimwear

Sunny Floral Bikini – $24.50

Retail Price: $29.99

You Save: $5.49 from Cupshe

How much do Cupshe swimsuits cost?

Most of the bathing suits range from 39.99 to 19.99 (not including those on sale) which was pretty good in my opinion, especially because a majority of their suits fall in that $25 sweet spot. 

You have to also consider that on Cupshe, when buying a bikini, you get the top and bottom as a set which isn’t seen much anymore in the stores. These are prices you can’t beat! I mean, they make Marshalls and TJ Maxx look mediocre.

You can also find some really good deals by checking out the clearance section

Is Cupshe worth the price?

The price point here is pretty reasonable, with most swimsuits falling somewhere in the $20-40 range. That’s really not a lot for something likely to become an investment: whether you’re a beach fashionista, or you just want one good swimsuit to wear all summer long, you want your money’s worth. 

Compared to other swimsuit brands, Cupshe is definitely more affordable. At the very least, it’s probably worth trying some on at home.

But does the lower price mean lower value?

Word around the interwebs is that Cupshe’s quality is “great” —  A quick scroll through Cupshe’s Amazon page confirms that they have lots of happy customers out there, with most of their products earning a respectable number of stars.

I usually have my one bathing suit that I wear all summer long to the town pool, but if the quality is that good for the price, maybe I need to treat myself. Maybe I’ll have two bathing suits! 

And since the swimsuits don’t require any special wash or care, they are certified busy mom-friendly.

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I like rewards when I shop. Can I have rewards?

Yes. Cupshe has something called the “Sunchaser Club,” which is their loyalty program. Members receive free shipping, discounts and promotions, and $10 for every 1000 points at 5 points per dollar. The Sunchaser Club is set up in tiers, so the more you spend the higher your tier and the more rewards you get back. Perfect for ladies who can walk the beach like it’s a runway, or for vacations that involve a lot of swimming and zero laundry.

Aside from buying stuff, you can earn points by referring friends, leaving reviews, following Cupshe on social media, and having a birthday.

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Beyond Swimsuits

From the main menu, Cupshe offers clothing which includes towels and accessories. I love the circular towels with the fringes; they make a refreshing change from the standard rectangular beach towel. The patterns are stylish and fun, letting you stake out your own private island of fabulousness.

The clothes on offer include cover-ups, which is nice since you’ll know exactly how much covering up you want with that new swimsuit. They even sell dresses, from lightweight dresses to wear when you stroll along the boardwalk, to evening dresses suitable for dinner al fresco. Cupshe carries a few chic LBDs, making this a one-stop-shop for your next tropical vacay. 

The plus-size section includes clothing, but the options for cover-ups and dresses are much more limited than the regular clothing section. Make of that what you will.

The Bikini Bottom Line….is cupshe legit?

So, what is Super Mom Picks’ verdict….

In the 21st century, swimsuit shopping shouldn’t send anyone into a shame spiral because of Mean Girl sales associates. Shopping at home is a great way to avoid the unreliable lighting and weird smells of a department store fitting room. 

The downside to shopping online is that you have to pay for your merchandise before you know whether or not it will fit you right. But that seems a small price to pay for the comfort of your own mirrors. 

With Cupshe’s price point, it’s at least worth a try. Even though the plus-size options are somewhat limited, there are enough swimsuits to get at least a few cute pieces for the summer. The colors are fun, the styles are flattering, and I feel like the suits are made for actual real-life grown-up women.

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