The Best Instant Camera for Kids in 2021

best instant camera for kids

If your kids are anything like mine, they are constantly asking to take pictures on your phone. However, loaning them my phone is not always a good idea. One time I did let my son take pictures at a birthday party and he dropped it on the pavement. It never worked again.

Fun School Supplies Your Student Will Love in 2021

school aged boy with backpack

Many schools and teachers will soon be issuing you a list of very specific school supplies that leave little to no room for your child to express their individuality. Well, that just took the fun out of school shopping! Getting new school supplies should be fun and allow your student to express themselves! While many of the traditional school supplies are specified, there are still some school supplies that you can buy to get your kids excited to go back to school.

The Stomach Bug – My Secret Remedy To Stop It! (Activated Charcoal)

Stop the Stomach Bug

I used to loathe the stomach virus. I still do really, but now I don’t sweat it as severely. At the first sign of stomach bug symptoms, I would quarantine the house. All children were confined to different rooms, followed into the bathroom for supervised hand washing, and strapped to a vomit bucket for the next 48 hours.