12 Car Essentials To Keep In Your Vehicle For Moms

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By my third child I learned that if I am not prepared, I will have unnecessary stress.

There are lots of little things that you can do to make life with littles easier and keeping the right kid-related items in your vehicle is one of them.

Car Essentials Every Mom Should Keep In Her Car

Here are the 12 things every super mom should keep in her car.

1. Extra Diapers

If your child is in diapers, this is always a must! This keeps your car clean and fresh, and avoids necessary trips to the car wash.

2. Wipes

An extra pack of wipes can be a life-saver. Not just for diaper changes, these come in handy after pumping gas, wiping hands after snacks, or even emergency stain removal.

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3. Healthy Snack Stash

Having a stash of healthy snacks can help avoid drive-thru’s and other unexpected stops when kids are hungry.  Best are foods like popcorn, crackers, health bars, or cereals that don’t melt or freeze.

4. Distractions to occupy time

Activity books, sticker books, or magazines that are age appropriate for each kid can be a great help on longer trips.

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5. Tissues

Because runny noses are just a way of life.

6. Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer

Of course the safe kind. This is essential to keep you and your child healthy and safe from any diseases that could be prevented by keeping your hands clean at all times.

7. Trash bags

Your car is always a mess, whether its snack wrappers, used tissues, or empty water bottles.  Doggie pick up bags work nicely and are compact.

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8. A Blanket

Whether it is to spread out at an impromptu picnic, it is cooler than you expected at the soccer game, or the kids just need the comfort of a warm blanket for a long road trip.

9. Change of clothes for each child

Because no matter what, someone will always spill something on their clothes, get sick, or will end up muddy or wet!

10. First aid kit

You never know what kind of boo-boo you will need to comfort while out and about. So having a first aid kit ready is part of this top car essentials list.

11. Reusable shopping bags

Groceries are just one reason these come in handy.  Library books and farmers market finds fit nicely, and I’ve even used them as emergency trick-or-treat bags.

12. Portable potty

If traveling with a toddler or small child who is potty training or if there just isn’t a convenient restroom available, you know the saying – some things just can’t wait!

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So that’s it.  Do yourself a favor and go check your family car right now and make sure to get these car essentials in there.  You will be glad you did.

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8 thoughts on “12 Car Essentials To Keep In Your Vehicle For Moms”

  1. Not a mom yet, but I grew up with little brothers who were much younger than me so I saw all the work that goes into being prepared! This is spot on! My car is much more simple with just a few things like reusable shopping bags, but I”m sure that will change! Happy Thanksgiving! xo


  2. These tips are great…. I am not a mom but trust me i can relate to how necessary some items could be ..
    We are travelling with some kids this month end and this is one post I am gonna share with all those moms joining us for the trip .. they will thank me .. and I Thank you in advance sweets !1
    Great article ..

  3. We have everything in our car and/or diaper bag on this list – except the portable potty. I hadn’t thought of that. Having 2 boys, usually it’s pretty easy for them to go potty, but now with a baby girl I could see it coming in more handy in the future!


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