20 Awesome Ideas for the “Big” Christmas Gift

20 Awesome Ideas for the “Big” Christmas Gift

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Santa always brings that one “Big” gift!  You know, the one that the parents always save for last to open.  “Big” doesn’t always mean size.  It may just be the one thing the kids are really wishing for, or maybe something they are not expecting.  Here are 20 ideas for “Big” Christmas gifts to put under the tree.


Lego Robot Building Set ~ Build a robot and learn to code!


GoPro ~ Help your future YouTuber start their career early!


Laptop ~ Chromebook laptops make great computers for kids!


Apple Watch ~ Why buy them a cell phone when you can get them a watch for those emergency or pick me up from practice calls?


Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise ~ A super hot toy combining two 2018 favorites, slime & unicorns.


Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue~ Train your own dinosaur!


Mansion Dollhouse ~ 52’’ dollhouse with 34 pieces of furniture and an elevator!


John Deere Gator  ~ Ride On – Great for kids under 130 lbs, even has a cup holder!


Nintendo Switch ~ The hottest new toy in gaming.


Fujifilm Instax Camera ~ For your little photographer give the gift of instant shots, comes with many accessories and ready for use Christmas morning.


Anki Overdrive Starter Kit ~ Build tracks and race friends with your mobile devices.


Ipad ~ Great for reading, educational gaming, or researching.


Anki Cosmo Robot ~ Learn to code and play games with Cosmo. 


OSMO Genius Kit ~ Learn tangrams, spelling, math, problem-solving and creative drawing.


Evo App Coding Robot ~ Learn to code and play games while leveling up and unlocking new tricks.


Kano Build your own Laptop ~ Learn to build a computer with a simple step by step guide, get kids interested in the interworking of electronics.


Nerf Rival Prometheus ~ The Ultimate Nerf Gun that fires up to 8 rounds per second.


FurReal Dog ~ The perfect Dog does tricks, eats, goes to the potty and makes sounds.




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