The Best Sleds For Toddlers – Fun and Safety

The Best Sleds For Toddlers – Fun and Safety

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This Momma is in a hurry, just tell me which sled is the best already!

The EMSCO Group Infant Boggan, contrary to its name, is not for infants but toddlers. This is our favorite sled out there for young toddlers. We think it has the best safety features for young toddlers.

Little in life is as adorable as a toddler on their first sled ride through the snow!


A good sled is important in the winter. We searched through several sled options to see which would not only be the best value, but also the safest sleds in which young explorers could be towed.

Please note that we aren’t reviewing sleds for sliding down steep hills as that can be pretty dangerous for toddlers. Rather, we found good options for gentle rides that would provide young children the opportunity to get around easily and safely in the winter.


Some options may grow with your child, so as they get older they will be able to use the same sled to fly down steeper hills, but our main goal was to find the best sleds for toddlers.   Stay safe and have fun!

The Classic

Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled

Price: $42.99
You save: $7.00 (14%) (14 %)
  • BABY BOGGAN – This Flexible Flyer wooden baby sleigh is a Fun way to tow little kids through the snow with Classic style
  • HAND-CRAFTED – Kids sleigh made from Northern hard rock Maple with steam bent backrest and runners
  • DRY & SECURE – Elevated riding position keeps your child Dry. This Baby sled’s high double-slat backrest is great for kids who need extra support sitting
  • SAFE – Wide base keeps this toddler sled stable for a safe ride
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED – Toboggan for toddlers comes fully assembled, and ready to use. Includes rope for towing this Baby pull sled
  • BABIES & TODDLERS – small sled for infants and toddlers 18 months to 4 years of age and up to 50 lbs. Sled measures 29 x 14 x 11. 5 inches (L x w x H) and Weighs 8. 5 lbs.
  • OPTIONAL CUSHION PAG – For matching fitted padding to keep cold air from circulating around your child's bottom and back, search for “Flexible Flyer pad for baby pull sleigh”
  • OUR PROMISE – Flexible Flyer has been producing sleds since 1889. We stand behind our products 100%. If you have any issues, search for “Flexible Flyer sled paricon” online and contact us through our website. We will make things right


When people think of sleds, this is traditionally the kind that comes to mind. It’s hand-crafted maple wood. The double-slat backrest and runners are both bent using steam. The place where your little one sits is elevated to avoid getting snow in the sled while riding.

There is a rope made of synthetic fibers for pulling the sled, which some people didn’t like. They’d prefer a strong cotton rope. One reviewer commented that the rope is very easy to replace, though, for those who’d like to do that.

Although this looks lovely, there are a few concerns among reviewers. For example, the manufacturer says it’s already treated and sealed and won’t need any additional treatment, but reviewers say the wood looks raw and unfinished. They recommend waxing the rails before use.

Other reviewers worry because it isn’t sanded down enough in some places, and it’s assembled with staples. Reviewers who love the sled say that wasn’t a concern for them. They sanded down the rough edges just a little, and the staples seemed sturdy enough for their purposes. This isn’t a sled for true downhill sledding down steep slopes, after all. This is a pulling sled for small children.

Some families say that although it’s raised, it’s still fairly low to the ground, which is safe but can be a problem if the snow is loose. On sales sites, it’s pictured with red, waterproof padding that can be purchased additionally. Reviewers say it really helps keep the snow out.

The sled moves most smoothly on compacted snow.

The padding may be too much of an additional cost for some. One reviewer suggested just padding the sled with blankets, which added plenty of warmth as well (the additional red padding keeps the sled dry but doesn’t add much in the way of warmth). Adding blankets also helps if you haven’t had the chance to sand it down yet.

The sled comes from the box fully assembled!

It’s a good sled for kids who can sit up steadily, so from about 12 months, to 50 lbs. or five years old.

There are no metal runners on this sled, but there is another sled almost identical to this one from the same company. For a bit more, you can purchase the sled that does have metal runners for pulling along the street.


  • Raised runners and seating
  • Pull rope
  • Double slatted backrest
  • Padding available separately
  • Comes fully assembled


  • May need sanding and finishing
  • No metal runners

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This is a lovely wooden sled at a minimal cost compared to many other wooden sleds. It’s made for toddlers, so it’s safer than some other choices that are more open to the elements and don’t provide enough support for little riders.

Our Top Pick

EMSCO Group Infant Boggan

Price: $14.99
You save: $35.00 (70%) (70 %)
  • Safe/secure baby sled. Extra-high backed seat
  • Wide, stable design Designed for baby’s comfort and support
  • Raised foot-support rails and seat area keep baby above cold snow
  • Adjustable snap-lock seatbelt keeps baby secure
  • Extra-long towrope for parents’ comfort
  • Weight:- 45 lbs (20.41 KG)

EMSCO Group Infant Boggan Review

This says it’s an infant boggan, but it’s really not for infants. It’s perfect for toddlers who are sitting up well and walking a bit. 

It’s made of durable plastic and has an extra high seat back. The design is purposefully wide and stable to keep from tipping over. The foot support rails and seat are raised to keep the child above the snow.

One of our favorite features is the snap-lock seatbelt which keeps them from toppling over the sides into the snow.

The manufacturer says it can be used by children up to 45 lbs, but reviewers say in their opinion 35 is probably more realistic. The manufacturer also says is best for the gentle pulling of kids from one to three, but some reviewers say they feel two is also a more realistic age depending on the size of your child.

Reviewers really like the extra-long towrope. It’s a good length that saves your back extra strain by keeping you from having to hunch over to pull the sled. One reviewer pointed out that if your little one is a bit on the hefty side, you can easily tie extra knots in the pull rope at the base of the sled so it doesn’t slip through the holes as you pull your child. 


  • Durable
  • Safely cocoons children
  • Safety belt
  • Wide design discourages tipping


  • Great safety fit means outgrown quickly

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This is our favorite sled for the safety of young riders and the family members who are pulling them. It’s durable, has a wide base, you can strap your child in, and the rope is long enough to save you some of the strain involved in pulling them.

Although it’s unlikely to be used for more than a winter or two, it’s durability for siblings or resale combined with its safety features make it a great value.

Budget Pick

Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan with Brakes

Price: --
  • DURABLE COLD RESISTANT PLASTIC – Specifically designed to last you and your family many years. With the durable cold resistant plastic you can feel safe and confident letting your child slide down the local snow hill in the Lucky Bums Toboggan.
  • BREAKS FOR EASY STOPPING – These breaks can be used for not only stopping, but making turns as well. Simply pull one break slightly while going down the hill to make a turn.
  • ERGONOMIC SEAT – The ergonomic seat with a taller back support and anti-slip panels in the foot rest area keep you in place as you rocket down the closest hill.
  • MAXIMUM CAPACITY OF 100 LBS – Recommended for ages 6 years and under
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – When you receive a Lucky Bums product, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know. We are here for our customers and will respond promptly and professionally in order to fix any problems you may have

Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan Review

This sled is a great option after your child grows out of the EMSCO Group Infant Boggan. The manufacturer suggests it should be used for children aged 3 to 10 and up to 100 lbs.

There are two sizes available - the 26-inch and the 34-inch. A few reviewers said they were surprised that it was smaller than they thought it would be, so be sure to check out all the measurements before you buy. The manufacturer suggests that if your child grows fairly quickly, skipping to the 34-inch may be the best bet so they can use the sled longer.

There are four color options for this sled, which is great since kids in this age range often develop an affinity for one color or another. The options are blue, red, pink, and green. They are all bold, darker colors (so no baby blue or pink).

The seat is ergonomically designed with taller back support, and the footrest panels are raised to keep the snow out and the kid in. There’s a tow rope handle for pulling smaller children, or for kids to use to hang on to the sled as they climb back up a slope.

Reviewers like the usual price range of this sled. They love the durability. They are split pretty evenly on the handlebars, which double as brakes. Parents who dislike them say that kids automatically grab onto them, thinking they are made just for holding onto.

Starting on fairly small hills and getting in a few practice uses with the brakes will help your child learn to use them both to brake and steer as they prefer. Just be prepared for a bit of an adventure with them learning how to use them.


  • Good design
  • Perfect for older toddlers, preschoolers
  • Towing rope
  • Color options
  • Two size options


  • Brakes as handlebars can be confusing
  • Not for young or small toddlers on own

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

​This is one of the only really good options we found for this age range. The design is just right for older toddlers, and it can last quite a few years until your child reaches about 100 lbs. The color and size options are really nice, and once your child is able to understand and use the brakes, we think those will be great for steering and stopping. We also love that toddlers who aren’t old enough to enjoy sledding on their own can still be pulled by using the tow rope.

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