The Best Potty Training Pants – Because Accidents Happen!

The Best Potty Training Pants – Because Accidents Happen!

This Momma is in a hurry, just tell me which potty training pants are the best already!

The MooMoo Baby training pants are our favorites!  These are great for wearing around the house. They fit a little high in the waist, but the snug thighs keep mess from leaking and pooling. They’re durable, and are perfect for average-sized kids who are potty training in the daytime at home.

What makes the best potty training pants?

While disposable training pants can continue to be useful for napping and overnight wear, cloth potty training pants are the best next step for kids and parents. They won’t keep a child dry when they’ve had an accident, but they are made with layers which keeps the mess from spreading as quickly as normal underpants with their one, thin layer of cloth.

They tend to cost between $3 and $5 for each pair of training pants, which isn’t a huge difference.

The best way to determine which are the best for your family is to find a manufacturer with good measurements available and measure your child for the right fit. After that, it all depends on what design your little one likes enough to keep them clean.

Using cloth training pants during waking hours gives toddlers the opportunity to get used to wearing cloth. You may still have to completely change them when they have an accident, especially in the beginning of potty training. Furniture and carpeting can be soiled, because these are not diapers.

However, because these are a little thicker than normal underpants, they provide a little more protection time between the first urges to go and the final victory/mess. Those extended moments can be priceless when they’re running for the closest toilet.

Here are five pants we think you’ll love to pick up on the way to that train to Potty Town

Our Top Pick

4 Pack Potty Training Pants for Baby and Toddler

Price: --
  • 5 Layers-- Extra padding in the front and back,water resistant and better water imbibition than normal underwear.
  • 100% Cotton---Soft and breathable material ,more comfortable and healthy!
  • Leg Gusset---Leg gusset design to avoid leak and nice thick cushiony lining for absorbing accidents
  • Stylish Color--- Neutral patterns look great on both boys and girls
  • Durable, washable and reusable for multiple uses.
Features: Training pants are ideal for toddler boys and girls who want to feel like they're wearing 'big girl' pants while potty training anty training and used when accidents are less frequent. MooMoo Baby Training Pants has been extra padded in the front and back, it's water resistant and better water imbibition than normal underwear.

Products Material:
4 Layers bamboo.

Products size:

Package included:
4 Pack training pants

1)Wash it before first use
2)Machine Washable

4 Pack Potty Training Pants for Baby and Toddler Review

These training pants have really good reviews. They are properly absorbent while still allowing the child to feel wet enough that they’ll know it’s time to go to the bathroom. They absorb small leaks (dribbles) without being too absorbent.

The manufacturer says they’re made from cotton, muslin, and bamboo.

Reviewers say the fit is initially a bit long, sometimes rising over the belly button, but they do shrink a little when washed the first time.

One common complaint is that they don’t make bigger sizes for children who are larger or potty train a bit later.


  • They do all they advertise
  • Roomy if the back and waist
  • Great fit for average-sized kids


  • Tight in the thighs
  • Sizes not available for larger kids

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

These are great for wearing around the house. The fit is a little different, and most find them high in the waist, but the snug thighs keep mess from leaking and pooling. They’re durable, and are perfect for average-sized kids who are potty training in the daytime at home.

4 MOM & BAB Potty Training Pants/ 4 Layered Underwear for Toddlers

Price: $24.99
You save: $33.01 (57 %)
  • These pants are designed to feel like comfortable underwear and are tested to hold at least 30ml of urine if the waist and thigh band fit snug (please refer to the photo of the size chart and measure your child for the best fit)
  • The absorbent layers makes the pants partially waterproof, helping to catch small accidents, resulting in less clean up. Cost less than a box of easy ups/ pull ups and help to save the environment!
  • Great transition pants to underwear. Construction of pant makes it easier for child to pull up and down and will last for use with all your kids
  • Your child will feel the wetness with the onset of an accident, where they can be taught to notify you or head to the potty.
  • Very durable soft cotton material that is sewn with precision. Accidents wash out well. 100% no hassle money-back guaranty and lifetime product replacement guarantee.

-Is your toddler not getting closer to being potty trained?

-Does your child want to wear big kid underwear or is uncomfortable in diapers?

-Is your child too accustomed to going in the pull up or diaper?


-They are partially waterproof so they catch the onset of an accident which should encourage your toddler to notify you or head to the potty.

-The water-resistant hidden liner is sandwiched between the cotton exterior fabric and inner cotton micro terry liner.

-Your child will enjoy the cute designs and comfortable fit and hopefully will not go in them.

-During sleeps or long outings, an extra insert pad, doubling up on the pant or a cover is recommended.

-Save a bunch compared to pull ups or diapers and help the environment too.

-They are constructed from the highest quality of cotton and sewn with great precision and detail.

-They can be hand or machine washed and hung dry or tumble dry on low heat.

-Your child can continue to wear the pants even when they are fully potty trained and can be used for your other kid(s) as they are guaranteed to not wear out.

***Please refer to our size chart in the photos for the most appropriate fit for your child

Our underwear is backed by our lifetime product replacement warranty and no hassle money-back guaranteed, so try them risk-free now! If you like a pattern, please get them while they are in stock, as we don't reproduce it once it is out of stock

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4 MOM & BAB Potty Training Pants/ 4 Layered Underwear for Toddlers Review

These are made from terry cloth, and will also shrink when washed, so you may want to size up when purchasing.  Of course, the legs are tighter to keep the mess in, so you may have to size up anyway if your little one is bigger than average. 

The manufacturer advertises these as water-resistant. They do have a water-resistent layer, but they are no more resistent than others.

Reviewers say they are easy for little ones to pull up or down, and the overall fit is very nice. These comes with a wet bag, as well, which is helpful for transporting wet undies from school if necessary.


  • Good for average-sized kiddos
  • Cute wet bag included


  • Not water resistant as advertised

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

These are good pants. They do the job of training pants, keeping the mess contained while also giving kids the opportunity to feel that they need to rush to the bathroom.

U0U Baby Toddler 5 Pack Training Pants for Boys and Girls

Price: $19.45
You save: $0.55 (3 %)
  • Material:100% cotton outer layer, soft and breathable cotton.6 layers inside,more absorbent than regular underwear.
  • Package with 5 different printings,colorful patterns can attract your baby's attention.
  • Helping to catch small accidents.a great way to transition from diapers to real pants, easy to wash and easy to take care of.
  • Once your baby told you they have wet themselves, you should change them as soon as possible, it only hold pee for a few minutes.
  • Machine-wash, Dryer-Safe, Washable, Durable and reusable for multiple uses.100% no hassle money-back guaranty if you don't like them.

U0U Baby Toddler 5 Pack Training Pants for Boys and Girls Review

The manufacturer says these training pants are 100% cotton on the outside. They advertise that these pants have six layers in one area of their advertising, then in another place it says they have only the typical three layers of protection, so we aren’t sure what the layers are or how they are made. Several reviewers said they were a bit thicker than some of the others they tried.

Reviewers like them overall, and say they are soft, breathable, and comfortable for their child to wear. Several said that the elastic band in the waist helped them have a bit more tailored fit than other brands. 

They are durable and seem to hold up to washing well.


  • Soft, breathable, comfortable
  • Elastic band gives a better fit


  • Incorrectly advertised as waterproof

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

It’s a little unclear exactly what these pants are made of, but many parents and children like them. The elastic band fits a little differently than with other pants and gives a better fit.

BIG ELEPHANT Unisex-Baby Toddler Potty 6 Pack Cotton Pee Training Pants Underwear

Price: $19.99
You save: $20.00 (50 %)
  • 【Material】 Extremely soft 100% cotton with an absorbent interlining giving baby the most comfortable and softest touch.
  • 【Elastic Waistband】 Covered elastic waistband for increased comfort and ease of pulling up and down.
  • 【6 Layers】 More absorbent than normal training pants. Inner padded lining for containing small accidents and avoiding leakage.
  • 【Fun Pattern】 Cute prints look great on boys and girls.
  • 【Durable】 Machine washable and reusable potty training pants. Hand wash is highly recommended.
There is 2-3% size error because of manual measurement. Please check the measurement chart carefully before you buy the item. Please note tr> Please note that slight color difference should be acceptable due to the light and screen.

Please use cold water washing first time, and hand wash, to avoiding fades.

Size: Please check the size chart in gallery picture.

BIG ELEPHANT Unisex-Baby Toddler Potty 6 Pack Cotton Pee Training Pants Underwear Review

These pants are also 100% on the outside, and the manufacturer says there are six absorbent layers. They are machine washable, but they suggest handwashing to avoid fading colors. Reviewers who washed them in the machine said they held up fine, though. 

No one really mentioned shrinkage with these.

Reviewers say they also run true to size in the waist, front, and back, but smaller than usual in the legs. They like that they are very soft and also absorbent without being very bulky compared to other training pants, although some said they are a bit expensive compared to local retail stores in their area.


  • Less shrinking
  • Soft
  • Not as bulky


  • Manufacturer recommends handwashing

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

People like the soft, absorbency of these pants, but probably not enough to hand wash them after each use and line dry them as the manufacturer suggests. Most reviewers say they are fine in the wash.

CottonTraining Pants 4 Pack Padded Toddler Potty Training Underwear for Boys and Girls-12M-5T

Price: $17.99
You save: $10.00 (36 %)
  • 👍Made of muslins panels with an absorbent interlining. Soft and breathable, more suitable for Summer
  • 👍Extra padding in crotch helps to hold little accidents and avoid leakage, great transition from Pull-ups to usual underwear
  • 👍Widening Covered elastic waistband for increased comfort and ease of pulling up and down
  • 👍Durable, washable and reusable. Hold up well and stay vibrant after washes
  • 👍Cute patterns to help potty trained. Baby will like their "big boy" or ''big girl" underwear

CottonTraining Pants 4 Pack Padded Toddler Potty Training Underwear for Boys and Girls-12M-5T Review

Made from 100% cotton outer with a polyester lining, these pants have four absorbent layers of breathable muslin. The outer layer is lighter than many other brands because the absorbent padding doesn’t cover everything. They fit a little looser than other brands, which makes them more comfortable for some kids. 

Several reviewers said the measurements provided weren’t accurate, and one person bought a second set in a different design after loving the first and found the second set to be a completely different design.

These take a long time to arrive - up to a month for some buyers, so be aware of that if you’re in a hurry to get them for potty training.


  • Outer layer less bulky
  • Looser fit


  • Long delivery time
  • Measurements inaccurate

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

The material is a little different with these, and some people really enjoy the lighter feel of them. They may not be for very heavy wetters, but might be perfect for kids who are closer to being completely potty trained or don’t wet heavily

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