Best Handbags For Moms In 2022

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OUR TOP PICK – Best Handbags For Moms

We have found the best handbags for moms, and our top pick is the Rothy’s Handbag. This bag is made from recycled materials (sustainable marine plastic) yet remains to be one of the most stylish and durable handbags today. Similar to Rothy ‘s signature shoes, their bag can also be machine washed for easy cleaning. The Rothy’s Handbag has sufficient space for your essentials as well as your child. There are also six different color styles you can choose from, and you should be able to find the one that will fit your preference.

best handbags for moms is the rothys handbag

Here are the Best Handbags For Moms that we have included in our review


Our Favorite





best handbags for moms
best handbags for moms
best handbags for moms
best handbags for moms
best handbags for moms








10.6"H x 11"W x 5.7"D.

14.5"H x 13"W x 1"D

12.2"H x 11"W x 5.5"D

10.5"H x 15"W x 4.5"D

15.5"H x5.5"W x14"D

Strap Length

53.1 in.

not specified

13.75 in.

10 in.

54 in.


2 lb.

1.4 lb.

1.5 lb.

not specified

3.56 lb.


  • Bright Poppy
  • Sage Green
  • Midnight Navy
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Sienna Brown
  • Peach Madras
  • Black
  • Rose
  • Black & White Stripe
  • Navy
  • Acorn
  • Black Sea
  • British Surplus
  • Ash
  • Black
  • Cardinal
  • Truffle
  • Black
  • Brown


100% recycled materials

Poly canvas

Garment-dyed cotton canva

Vintage Hide Leather

 Vegan Leather And Waterproof Nylon

Our Rating

Where To Buy

Let’s face it, we sacrifice a lot for our children from sleep to our free time. Don’t get me wrong, those cute faces are worth it, but what if I told you that when it comes to handbags as a mother, you don’t need to sacrifice!

There are bags out there that will fit your needs as a mother while being able to express your style. Read on to find the top 5 best handbags for moms! First, let’s look at the features that all moms should consider when picking out a handbag.

Features of the Best Handbags for Moms


Pockets are so necessary for a mom handbag! Organizing your items plus those of your little ones is not an easy task! Pockets for your items ensure that they are not lost beneath all of your child’s gear at the bottom of your bag.


You want to look for a bag that is made of high-quality materials. Having a bag that can fit all of your items is great, but not if the straps break under the weight.  You also want to consider how easy the material would be to clean.


Choosing a lightweight bag can ensure you are comfortable, especially on longer outings. When your bag is loaded, you want something that will still be comfortable on your shoulder! 

Other Features

You may want to look for features such as additional straps that could allow you to wear your bag across your body or attach it to a stroller to give you more freedom with your hands.

The Top 5 Best Handbags for Moms

The runner’s up and the ultimate winner are decided based on the features above. As you know, motherhood can be difficult. Through the research provided, choosing your stylish handbag does not have to be!

1. TOP PICK: Rothy’s Handbag

rothys handbag

Yes, from that same company that brings you sustainable machine washable shoes, they have a chic line of bags to meet all your needs!  This is not a drill. Using 100% recycled materials, this bag is made from sustainable marine plastic (but you would never guess it).

If that doesn’t sound too good to be true, just like their shoes, you can also pop these bags into the washer! All you have to do is remove the insert and place your bag into the provided washing bag. Then you throw it in your washer on a delicate cycle and voila, you have a sparkling clean handbag! No mess is too much stress!

Aside from its obvious material and cleaning benefits, this bag is ready to carry your essentials with room to spare! It also comes in six different color options to fit your style. The bag also has a removable strap so that you can adjust your bag for any occasion. 

Length: 11 in / 28 cm
Width: 5.7 in / 14.5 cm 
Height: 10.6 in / 27 cm
Knit with 100% recycled materials.
Crafted with a blend of ocean-bound marine plastic and Rothy’s signature thread.
Top handle.
Zipper closure in a warm gold finish.
Base insert for structure.
Interior zipper pocket with hardware in a warm gold finish. 
Detachable, adjustable strap with warm gold hardware.
Comes in a dust bag and with an accompanying wash bag.
Bright Poppy
Sage Green
Midnight Navy
Charcoal Grey
Sienna Brown
Peach Madras

2. Logan + Lenora Commuter

best handbags for moms

This is a lightweight travel tote that’s perfect for short getaways. The bag has 2 waterproof pockets: a roomy waterproof interior, key clip, side beverage pockets, and a top zip closure. There are few design options and can be customized by choosing the tassel/strap color as well. These bags also can be purchased on Amazon

They are also waterproof and machine washable! As a mom, what else could you ask for?

Length: 14.5 inches
Width: 13 inches
Height: 14 inches
Stain and water-resistant exterior
Machine washable
Waterproof lining
Lightweight and can pack flat
Made in Denver
Black & White Stripe

3. The Canvas Medium Transport Tote

Madewell The Canvas Medium Transport Tote

Made with sturdy canvas, this bag is built to last! This bag has an exterior pocket for those things you gotta grab fast and an interior zip pocket to keep your keys, phone, and wallet at the ready. Reviewers love the size of this bag; it is not too big and not too small. 

The bag is built with two pieces of sturdy canvas and has 2 ways that you can carry the bag. There are top handles and a detachable shoulder strap crafted from Italian leather. The canvas is very sturdy and easy to spot clean. 

You can also customize your bag with personalization. You can pick the font and the color of your personalization! You can also customize your bag with one of their bag straps. These options allow you to make your bag your own!

Length: 11″
Width: 5 1/2″
Height: 12 1/5″
2 pieces of sturdy canvas are used for the body
Italian leather straps
Garment- dyed cotton canvas
Black Sea
British Surplus

4. HOBO Broker Tote

best handbags for moms

This bag makes for a perfect mom bag due to its spacious interior. It has a spacious interior that makes it easier to see into and locate items. Design and construction of high-quality materials. The leather has a lovely feel to it, and the fabric lining is appealing. The inner pockets are the perfect quantity, shape, and size, and the outer pockets are a nice bonus.

Length: 15″
Width:: 4.5″
Height: 10.5″
Vintage Hide LeatherBlack

5. Diaper Bag Tote Mominside Leather Diaper Bag

best handbags for moms

Designed with babies in mind, this handbag is perfect for those with little kids. This leather diaper tote bag has 13 separate storage pockets and has 4 large insulated pockets, to maintain the temperature of your drink warmer. Wide-open mouth design and plenty of space for well organized. Spacious and functional large enough to carry everything from diapers to laptops and everything in between.

Length: 14
Width: 5.5
Height: 15.5
Vegan Leather And Waterproof NylonBlack

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