Best Bean Bag Chairs That Double As Toy Storage

Best Bean Bag Chairs That Double As Toy Storage

This Momma is in a hurry, just tell me which bean bag chair is the best already!

This stuffed animal storage bean bag is our favorite!  It is the perfect chair for more mature kids and young adults. It’s a nice longer size, and laid out longer. It’s not the traditional bean bag sphere. The length makes it perfect for lounging.  It’s big enough for 195 small animals or 110 medium-sized animals.

Combine Two Things Kids Love - Bean Bags and Stuffed Animals

There was a time when bean bags were only able to be filled with annoying, static-infused, bad-for-the-environment “beans” that got everywhere if you were crazy enough to open them and expose the insides to the air.

Although bean bags were always meant to be enjoyable, this sucked all the fun and relaxation right out of the experience.

Now, though, some blessed soul has gotten wiser. There are better ways to create a comfy sitting spot for your kiddos. Not only that, but this brilliant solution also provides a way to store all those stuffed animals and soft toys your child has lying around the house.

Behold the storage bag chairs! You can use them to store not only stuffed animals, but towels, blankets, extra pillows, or out-of-season clothes. There are so many possibilities!

We are indeed part of the future, friends. We have arrived.

Here are some of the best storage chairs we could find.
So sit back, relax, and thank your lucky stars that you never have to deal with the mess of those ridiculous non-bean beans ever again if you don’t want to! 

4-in-1 Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Storage

Price: --
  • TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE WITH OUR 4-IN-1 BEAN BAG SOLUTION - prepare for dream come true stuffed animal storage, toddler room decor, bean bag chair and a great plushed toy for your kid. ALL IN ONE. Soft fabric, heavy duty zipper made to last.
  • 1. STORAGE WITH STYLE AND FUN - with our animal storage organizer you can stuff and zip more than 50 plushed animals or any other soft object and keep things organized in a fun, functional & stylish way. Available in 28 inches.
  • 2. CUTE KIDS ROOM DECOR - stylish animal shape bean bag cover, makes more than just a kids room organizer . After filled with plush toys or any other soft item, it is perfect as baby and toddler bedroom decor or kids playroom decor.
  • 3. SOFT AND COMFY BEAN BAG CHAIR FOR KIDS- store kids blankets, extra pillows, stuffed animal in our bean bag chair cover and discover a soft and easy kids plush chair. Great as a kids reading chair. DOES NOT COME WITH FILLING, cover only
  • 4. A NEW OWL STUFFED ANIMAL TOY TO LOVE - Teach your child that organizing could be fun and watch your kid have another best friend to hang out with around the house. A great environment for your kids while your store with style.

4-in-1 Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Storage Review

This penguin is too, too cute! Kids and parents adore this storage cover. Parents say their lives have been changed by this stuffable bag! Life-changing or not, it can hold more than 50 stuffed animals, depending on the sizes of each animal. If can definitely make a dent in your kids’ room organization!

The material is soft velvet, lovely enough to entice long, comfortable lounging from your little one. The material can be washed in the machine, but the manufacturer recommends only doing so in a cold setting. Otherwise, washing it by hand is best.

It can’t be machine dried.

Reviewers say the attached handle is sturdy and strong, which is important. Once filled with animals, the bag can get pretty heavy. 


  • Great for kids who love penguins
  • Stores a lot of stuffies
  • Soft velvet outer fabric
  • Strong handle


  • Cold or hand-washing only
  • Line-dried only

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This is one hungry penguin! The outside is soft, making it a giant stuffed animal itself once filled. It has a strong handle for moving it from room to room to create a soft and comfy spot for relaxing

Posh Stuffable Kids Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover

Price: $23.39
  • STUFFED ANIMAL BEAN BAG SOLUTION - Creates a storage solution for all your child’s stuffed animals and toys while creating a soft comfy chair for them to enjoy
  • VARIOUS SIZES AND LARGE CAPACITY - X-Large Posh Stuffable can hold about 190 small stuffed animals, 120 medium stuffed animals or 45 large stuffed animals or 200 ml (7 cubic ft) beans
  • KID FRIENDLY PRODUCT DESIGN - Extra large zipper openings with heavy duty YKK zippers to allow easy access for stuffing toys, stuffed animals, blankets and pillows inside your Posh Stuffable
  • PREMIUM SOFT AND FUN FABRICS - Our Posh Stuffable stuffed animal storage bean bags come in ultra soft fabric with fun patterns and designs to fit any room décor
  • MAKING ROOM CLEANUP FUN AGAIN - Turn the dreaded ‘time to clean up your room’ conversation into a fun activity that allows your child to build their own comfy chair while cleaning up their room in the process

Posh Stuffable Kids Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover Review

We selected this bag because we saw a design choice that is coloring fabric, like a coloring book on a bag. Kids can fill in with fabric or permanent markers, making it a design of their very own.

Once we were on the page, though, we realized there are two separate coloring patterns, AND there are over 33 more design choices! Many of the choices are ridiculously cute.

There are also three sizes to choose from, from a small size to an extra-large.

These bags are made from canvas rather than velvet-like many of the others. It’s not super comfortable on the skin, but it does make the bag very durable. Most reviewers said it wasn’t exactly scratchy, and that it wasn’t uncomfortable enough to offer a lower review.


  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Durable fabric
  • Over 35 designs to choose from


  • The canvas isn’t as soft some prefer

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

There are so many options for this bag - both designs and sizes! We particularly love the two designs that can be colored in by kids so they can make the chair all their own, inside AND out!

Lmeison Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Price: $23.39
  • Durable & Washable: Premium soft 100% CANVAS fabric, machine washable, and recommend to hand wash, flat out to dry and let it air dry naturally. Size: 31.5*31.5*19.7 inches(L*H*W)
  • Zipper enclosure: Our Bean Bags are designed with an extra long zipper, it is easy for you to stuff with all your stuffed animals, without difficulty to grab the toy you are looking for. (Note: Only a Bean Bag Cover, Toys Are Not Included)
  • Unique shark design: Creates a comfortable chair with back rest, ergonomic design generates comfy spot for kids to read books, play games, watch TV and enjoys their time. And kids can play with it, use it as a punching bag or a boxing bag. Your kids can use their own creativity to identify the different ways.
  • Multi-functional suffed storage: Encourages children to store away their stuffed animals toys, towels, blankets, and pillows sheets, seasonal clothes, etc, promotes the child to clean up the fun way. Keeps your rooms neat and tidy.
  • Gift idea:Perfect bean bag cover for boys, girls, baby. For kids room provides a modern, comfy way to clean up and declutter all those plush toys.

Lmeison Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Review

If your child is crazy about sharks (or songs about their babies), this is the chair for them!

There are three color choices for this adorable shark - pink, blue, or yellow.

The way this chair fills creates a back and a seat, although if it doesn’t get filled enough, reviewers say you have to prop it against something so the back will stay up properly. It holds between 30 to 40 stuffed animals.

But your kids will think it’s hilarious to sit in the mouth of a shark! They’ll be surrounded by teeth as they kick up their heels and recline, pretending to be shark-snack with the shark stuck mid-bite.

One of the cutest things about this bag is the fins on either side of the shark - they’re little pockets! Reviewers say their kids love them! They use them to hold remotes, game controllers, favorite little toys, or (one mom said) their hands (Look, mom! Fins for hands!).

Some reviewers pointed out that it’s not a very big shark, so it might be best as a seat for kids under five or so, so check the measurements before you buy.


  • Fun design
  • The fins are pockets
  • Has a little back to the seat


  • May run on the small side

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

Great for kids who love sharks! This chair is a very cute design, but it may run smaller than the others. Best of all, the fins are pockets.

Stuffed Animal Dog Storage Bean Bag

Price: $32.94
You save: $34.06 (51%) (51 %)
  • Perfect gift for children's day,4 in 1 Design: It is a magic storage bag.Take it home,your kids plush toys are no longer scattered everywhere. When filled, it will add your kids a giant dog stuffed toy, and kids can use it as a bean bag chair for sitting, it also can be a nice decoration in the room. Pay for 1 product, you can enjoy 4 kinds of use experience.
  • Perfect size: Our stuffed animal storage organizers is 24”(L) x 24”(W) x 19 1/2''(H) large size, which can hide around 90 stuffed animals and all soft items, creating a fun bean bag chair.
  • Luxury velvet: Gives a soft but substantial feel to the touch which is similar to plush or velvet; Thicker fabrics make it much more durable, children can easy being sat on, tumble or move around and never worry about the fabrics will rip.
  • Durable zipper: We use high quality engineered plastic zipper with metal pull heads, this greatly reduce the chances of zipper slid right off or broken.
  • Fashion gift: This fun and practical gift is a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your children, family and friends. 12 monthes warranty, we offer 100% replacement or refund service for our quality problem. DOES NOT COME WITH FILLING, COVER ONLY.

Stuffed Animal Dog Storage Bean Bag Review

This bag says “dog” in the title, but it does come in eight adorable choices - bear, dog, panda, pink unicorn, blue unicorn, dog, watermelon, or a kiwi.

While the manufacturer said that you can fit about 90 stuffed animals in these bags, one reviewer said they fit over 100 small and medium stuffies. It really does depend on the size of the stuffed animals.

Like many of the other bags, these are also made of a thick, velvety material.

One thing that is different about these bags, though, is that they have more of a squared top. This may keep the stuffed animals or other fillings from shifting as much and bunching up together some. It’s worth a try - they are so very cute!


  • Eight design choices
  • Fits 90 medium to normal-sized animals
  • Thick fabric


  • Can’t be dried in a machine

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

These bags are a little more square rather than the traditional rounded bags. There are eight design choices - six of them are cuddly animals that will delightfully contain your child’s soft toys. Two are yummy fruits. They all hold at least 90 medium to normal-sized stuffies.

Our Top Pick

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair for Kids and Adults

Price: $28.99
  • Material: Luxury velvet. Soft, strong and never fade. YKK zipper and advanced sewing technology make it more durable
  • Size: The 200L bean bag stuffed animal storage can hold about 195 small plush toys or 110 medium stuffed animals. Extra pillows, blankets, comforters can also fill in it. 200L bag bean filling are also recommended. As the picture shows, the storage bean bag should be a necessity for all kids and mothers
  • A wonderful toy storage bean bag chair to keep kids playroom tidy. Our kids love putting their "friends" into the bag. Babies also enjoy laying on it to read books, playing games and sleeping on it. Cute handle makes kids drag the bean bag from room to another easily
  • Easy to clean. Machine wash with cold water on gentle cycle
  • The best gift for your kids. It's a fun way to clean up the soft clutter for your children and they couldn't be more happier with it. We provide exclusive 1 year warranty.(Shipping fee not included)

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair for Kids and Adults Review

This bag is huge! It’s big enough for 195 small animals or 110 medium-sized animals, but the way it’s made allows for more to be in the back and fewer at the end near the feet.

But reviewers say even adults will fit comfortably in this. One reviewer said it could fit three king-sized comforters. There are 15 design choices, and they are a bit more mature.

These designs would be great for kids who are a bit older but still don’t want to part with their special stuffed animals that they’re attached to. Several are perfect for any room and would work with any age.

But there is one that will definitely be best for kids - it’s covered in some pretty adorable dinosaurs, making it perfect for some sweet little budding paleontologist!


  • Mature patterns for older kids
  • Big enough for adults to enjoy
  • 15 design choices


  • Fewer juvenile designs available

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This is the perfect chair for more mature kids and young adults. It’s a nice longer size, and laid out longer. It’s not the traditional bean bag sphere. The length makes it perfect for lounging.

A Little Extra Information

We learned a lot about these storage chairs and the kinds of things people ask about while searching for the perfect ones to include in this post. Here are a few things we noticed people wished they’d been told before buying these (or even the traditional kind of bean bag chair).

First, any chair will be pretty lumpy when filled with stuffed animals. One reviewer suggested adding blankets first so they’ll be closest to the surface where kids sit, then add the stuffed animals. We thought that was the best solution to the issue we’d see. Let us know if you’ve tried it!

Also, when the stuffed animals all move around, no matter the design of the bag, they will create random little lumps all over. The same thing happens when you fill it with the traditional bean stuffing, as well. Many of the complaints people had about the individual chairs were that these types of chairs show lumps and “lose” their “shape”, but that’s just how these sorts of chairs are made.

In addition, it seems like every choice we looked at had to be machine washed on a cold cycle, spot cleaned, or hand-washed. They all have recommendations for line drying. In other words, they feel like stuffed animals (except for the canvas bag), so you have to take care of them like you would a stuffed animal.

Finally, on sites for each of these chairs, we noticed that the manufacturers went out of their way to make it very clear that these are the outsides of bags with no filling. You provide your own filling. Many bean bag chairs (with traditional beans) are the same thing - you have to buy the filling separately.

You can still fill these with regular beans! However, know that regular bean bags do lose their beans, and after a while, they all become compact and you’ll have to order more filling.

One thing to note if you may fill these bags with beans, though - they all have very large zippers. They all seem to have pretty sturdy zippers with very few complaints of breakage, but it might give you hives to think about a large zipper breaking and … (sorry) spilling the beans.

We love that this option provides a great storage solution for families while also giving kids a plush place to snuggle.

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