Parents Agree These Are The Best Baby Bibs You Can Buy

Parents Agree These Are The Best Baby Bibs You Can Buy

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This Momma is in a hurry, just tell me which baby bib is the best already!

We love the unique design of the aden by aden + anais Burpy Bib, and a lot of reviewers feel the same. In fact, reviewers were quick to say anything by aden + anis would be an excellent purchase, and looking over their products, we think we can agree. They use quality products, smart designs, and soft, safe materials for babies. 

You may need something different when your baby is eating solids, but for liquids and teething, this bib is about to become your new bestie.

Bibs are the best way to keep your baby clean and dry throughout mealtimes, no matter how old your little one is or what types of food they are eating.  Even for yougurt you made from leftover breast milk.

Infants and toddlers need different types of bibs, though. Infants need something super absorbent to catch and contain liquids so they won’t get all over… well, everything.

Toddlers need something a bit more water repellent and ready to block more areas of clothing from things that will definitely stain.

We’ve researched and found what reviewers say are the best bibs for each of these times in your baby’s life to help you narrow the field and find the protection that’s best for your family.

Ultimate Waterproof Baby Bib

Price: $22.99
  • Made From 100% Cotton: Triple Layer Protection to keep your baby is protected from wetness and skin issues due to extended wetness. Ultra-absorbent cotton locks in moisture while the TPU inner lining stops everything from seeping through.
  • Secure Bibs For A Growing Baby: Fully adjustable, our drool bibs come with nickel-free snaps that won’t be easily pulled off by feisty little hands and can adjusted as your baby grows. Recommended ages: 0-18 months.
  • Saving Little Outfits With Style: It’s easier to change a bib than change the whole outfit, especially as your baby goes through the constant drooling stage of teething. Our cute designs don’t sacrifice style, either!
  • A Thoughtful Baby Shower Gift & Registry Item A drool bib is one of those accessories that many mommas don’t realize they need – until they need it! Our modern drool bibs make excellent baby gifts for girls or boys – and the new momma will thank you!
  • FOR CONTINUED QUALITY! Avoid machine drying as this may cause color fading, shrinkage and distortion. Air-dry or hang to dry. Our bibs are individually handmade, meaning the exact size and pattern placement may vary slightly.


These are 100% cotton, triple-layered bibs made with two nickel-free snaps. There are five per pack, and there are four different sets to choose from. Parents with babies who have acid reflux in particular love these because rather than having the plastic backing that some waterproof bibs do, these don’t cause the moisture to roll off the bib. These also don’t have that awful crinkly noise that accompanies bibs with plastic backing.

Instead, these thick bibs absorb the moisture, keeping it from soaking through the bib immediately.

Reviewers say they love them because they are very soft. Some bibs are way too big for new, smaller babies, but several said these were small enough not to cause too much of a hassle.

These do shrink a bit if you don’t follow the washing instructions carefully, and some reviewers said they were smaller than they thought they would be.

Although we’ve included these in the section for infants, parents with older babies like to use them when their babies start drooling a lot, too.


  • ​really soft
  • super absorbent
  • side snaps keep bib in place/grow w/ baby
  • good sizing


  • may shrink when laundered
  • a bit more expensive

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

Many reviewers say these may be the perfect bib. They’re absorbent, keeping baby and clothing dry, which is better for their skin. They are very soft, and snap rather than use velcro to fasten, so they stay put. Reviewers say the neck is sized well enough that they’ve been able to keep using them for a while, but they still fit well enough to keep very young babies dry.

aden by aden + anais Burpy Bib

Price: --
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – 2 Pre-washed super soft 100% cotton muslin burpy bibs; Large and wide coverage 22.5 X 11, Lightweight and breathable
  • VERSATILE COVERAGE - Burping protection for you and your baby; Keeps clothes and skin dry from spills, spit-ups and drool; Contoured kidney shape bib drapes over baby's shoulders and snaps at the back or use as a no-slip burp cloth
  • SUPER ABSORBANT – Ultra absorbent with 4 layers of soft muslin; Catch and soak up liquid, dribbles, regurgitated formula and messy food spills quickly
  • DURABLE AND EASY CARE– Stays soft wash after wash; Machine washable
  • PERFECT BABY GIFT – Adorable and essential gifts for baby showers, birthdays and holidays


Who knew we’d find two “perfect bibs” in one go?  Parents love this combo bib/burp cloth with four layers of 100% cotton because of its unique kidney shape. It looks like a shoulder burp cloth, but the genius here is that it can also drape over baby and be snapped in place using the snap on the back. Reviewers love the snap! Velcro wakes a full, sleeping baby, so snaps are the way to go, according to many parents.

There are 14 patterns to choose from, so whether you’ve got a baby boy, baby girl, or prefer gender nondescript, you have plenty of options to choose from. Each one is also reversible - just cut the tags off to use both sides.

Reviewers love that it provides “360 coverage” when it’s draped around them. They also like that it’s not waterproof, meaning the mess doesn’t roll off the bib and onto baby’s clothes or the adult feeding them.

Rather, they are super absorbent. Soaking in does mean that baby’s clothes may get wet, but reviewers say the mess is contained, and that makes them happy. Some reviewers say that clothes are damp but never soaked, so it seems to depend on how much fluid is absorbed and how long it stays on the baby after.

Reviewers with reflux babies are particularly impressed with the bib, and there are many reviews from people who use this for their infant, then continue using it for years for all eating messes. They last a long time.

These bibs do shrink in the wash considerably, but  it doesn’t cause any issue. In fact, as it shrinks, it also gets softer and fluffier, which some people say just makes it seem even more absorbent.


  • snaps rather than closing with velcro
  • very absorbent
  • useful from birth to around 2
  • durable and long-lasting


  • they do shrink

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This one’s our favorite all around! We love the design, we love all the style choices, we love that they last a long time, and we love that it does double duty as a burp cloth. The only thing we’d encourage you not to do is buy only one. You’re going to love this bib.

Silicone Baby Bibs

Price: $17.97
You save: $10.02 (36%) (36 %)
  • LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied with our bibs, Happy Healthy Parent will refund your purchase!
  • BIBS ARE ALWAYS READY TO USE - No more cloth bibs going into the washing machine. Cuts down on laundry and saves water.
  • EASY CLEAN - 100% Food Grade Silicone resists stains and does not absorb water. JUST USE SOAPY WATER TO WASH IT OFF!
  • FEEDING MADE SIMPLER - Happy Healthy Parent's philosophy is simple. Happy Kids, Happy Parents. Big, wide pocket catches food, does not spill, and actually stays open!
  • DOLLARS SAVED - No more buying packages of bibs OR ruining clothes from falling food.


Silicone is a great option for solid foods because you can wipe with soapy water and go. There’s no chance of leak-through, and we like the wide pocket that catches food before it falls on your baby’s lap (or in the dog’s mouth). 

There are lots of choices out there for silicone bibs, but this one had the highest ratings. There are four design sets with two distinct, eye-pleasing colors each. The neckband is adjustable, and they are even dishwasher safe when placed in the top rack. 

Reviewers like the feel of these bibs compared to other brands they tried. They like the adjustable fastener, which has some “give” while still maintaining shape. Some reviewers say they have trouble with their little one pulling this off, though, so just a heads’ up if you have a tiny Houdini. It can also tear around the fastener if it’s pulled on a lot. 

For larger children, it can be a bit smaller than the area it needs to cover, too. Be sure you check the measurements to confirm that it will cover your baby adequately. 

Also, some babies are allergic to silicone, so test it before you use it.


  • easy to clean
  • wide pocket
  • wears well and can last a long time


  • some littles are allergic to silicone
  • fasteners/neckband can tear

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This bib is attractive and easy to clean. Because it’s silicone, it doesn’t leak, although check the measurements to be sure it will offer adequate coverage if your baby is bigger. It has a nice big pocket to catch falling food, and parents love the style choices.

Hi Sprout Toddler Baby Waterproof Sleeved Bib

Price: $12.58
  • Super waterproof, easy wipe and lightweight PUL fabric
  • Measures 12.6" across chest, 16.5" from neck down, 33" cuff to cuff, and suit for 6-24 Months
  • Features an adjustable velcro closure and catch-all pocket (flip pocket)
  • Easy to clean up, machine washable, hang dry
  • Lead, PVC, BPA, Phthalates, and Vinyl free.


This smock is a thick, waterproof fabric with long sleeves and a plastic pocket on the bottom. You can pull the pocket and hook the smock to your child’s highchair, making catching their messes much easier.

The manufacturer says it fits babies from 6 to 24 months, but it may be a better fit for those between a year old and two years old. If you get it for a younger baby, the sleeves and neck may be too big and leave gaps for food to enter and stain clothes.

It wipes clean, and It is machine washable, but it cannot be dried. Some reviewers said that because it’s made mainly of cloth and not plastic,  it will mold if you don’t wash it immediately. Others said you also have to hang it upside down with the pocket pulled away from the rest of the smock in order for it to dry properly.   

The top closes in the back with velcro. There are 21 print choices, including unisex,  and each one comes with a wet bag that can be used to contain the mess if the bib is used away from home.


  • more coverage than most bibs
  • wipes, safe for washing machine
  • has a pocket to catch dropped food
  • 21 design choices


  • can mold if not laundered correctly
  • may stain
  • doesn’t fit smaller babies as advertised

Super Mom Picks Verdict:

This smock is great if you will have the opportunity to stay on top of the maintenance. It offers more coverage than other bibs, has a drop bib, wipes clean, and is machine washable for deep cleaning. There are 21 choices in color and design, including some that are non-gender specific.

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