Beachsissi Review – Stylish Womens Swimsuits – 2022 Update

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Today, we’re going to talk about one of the rising brands when it comes to women’s swimsuits — Beachsissi.

Remember the days when it was unthinkable to buy clothes online — especially form-fitting pieces like swimsuits?

Sure, we might buy a nostalgic t-shirt from eBay, but swimwear? That’s so personal. How do you even know it’ll fit?

Fast-forward to 2020, when I can no longer imagine going all the way out to a mall just to break down in tears in the Macy’s fitting room because I can’t find a swimsuit I don’t immediately hate, which then makes me hate my body, and onward down the shame hole until I wind up spending too much money in Sephora because eyeliner doesn’t emphasize my cellulite. Eyeliner understands.

Online shopping has made finding a swimsuit one less thing this working mom has to stress over so that I can focus my anxiety where it belongs: getting my kids to do their homework and worrying about too much screen time.

Summers necessarily mean trips to the local pool and, sometimes, the beach. I’ve tried getting away with not going in the water, but two things prevent me from staying dry from Memorial Day through Labor Day: one, my kids BEG me to go in the pool with them, and how can I say no to those sweet little faces?; and two, it’s freaking HOT where I live, with summer heatwaves peaking at over 100-degrees Fahrenheit for days at a time. With those kinds of temperatures, it’s really stupid of me not to go cool off in the deliciously cold water of our local pool. (Also helpful: rosé.)

Truth be told, I actually do like going in the water, so mama needs a swimsuit. And while I’d love to say that I’m one of those moms who are blessed with a body that looks like a child-free 22-year old, I’d be lying. My body looks exactly it’s age and experience. When it comes to swimsuits, I am 100% not messing around.

These days, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to online shopping. And anyone who has been on FB in the past few years knows that new brands and shops are competing like crazy for our business. But clicking on ads can feel like a gamble: am I getting good quality? Is this a waste of my money? Is this company a scam? Will I feel like an idiot for buying a swimsuit from a Facebook ad?

Since women in general, and moms especially, have exactly zero time and money to waste on low-quality products, here is what I found when I scoured the internet for information on Beachsissi Swimwear.

A Review About Beachsissi’s Website

If you’re familiar with going online to different websites — which, if you’re reading this, it means you are — then Beachsissi’s home won’t confuse you. The main menu runs along the top, and the swimwear pull-down menu offers: All; Bikini; Tankini; One-Piece; Surfing; Swim Bottom; and Cover-Ups.

I like that Beachsissi offers tankinis and “surf” swimsuits, because I always feel like those two styles provide the best of both worlds for grown-up ladies: plenty of coverage without the hassle of a one-piece. (Maybe one-pieces aren’t a hassle for you, in which case you have my undying respect.

Plus-sizes are included with each item; however, not all items go up to all the plus-sizes. In other words, one swimsuit may go up to a 3XL, while another only goes up to XL. This might be fine if you know you’re not a plus-size, but if you need anything bigger than an XL it’s going to be a gamble with each item you click. Don’t fall in love at first sight, is all I’m saying. 

Speaking of sizing, Beachsissi offers a “Calculate My Size” option where you can put in your measurements and it’ll tell you which of their sizes will fit you best. So grab that tape measure and be honest!

I like Beachsissi’s offering of cover-ups, which range from DON’T LOOK AT ME! to HEY LOOK AT ME! These are not old lady cover-ups that will make you feel like a grouch at the beach. These cover-ups are stylish, fun, and sexy; check out the Lace Embroidered Long Style Cover-up if you want to feel like a romance novel heroine. 

Beachsissi also offers clothing, including tops, bottoms, and dresses in a respectable range of styles. There’s even an accessories page with jewelry that includes a super fun anklet. So, if you’ve been whisked off on a surprise tropical vacation — who hasn’t, right ladies? — Beachsissi can easily provide most of your wardrobe needs in one stop.

What Do Beachsissi Swimsuits Look Like?


Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. Different moms have different tastes, so here are a few picks from the Beachsissi website to get you started.

According to Cosmo, the swimsuit trends for 2020 include animal prints (but really, do those ever go out of style?), shiny materials (because it’s the future!), retro sporty (because nostalgia!), t-shirt style knotted tops (because t-shirts!), and checkerboard patterns (because…checkers?). Beachsissi has plenty of on-trend pieces, as well as some classic patterns and styles for whatever your mood this summer. And if your mood is, “My baby is going through a ‘grab everything and pull’ phase,” there’s a swimsuit for that, too.

Your needsTry this swimsuit
I’m a trendsetting fashionista whose world is my runwayLeopard-Print High-Waist Bikini
I’m shy about my mom-bodSide-Tie Printed Surfing Tankini Set
Just give me a swimsuit without a lot of bells and whistles that I can put on and relax all day3 Colors Scoop Neck Cute One-Piece Swimwear
I’m on vacation, or want to feel like I’m on vacationFlamingo Pink Cute Tankini Set
I’m a new mom whose baby is going to pull on my straps, but I’m not an exhibitionist3 Colors Adjustable Strap One-Piece

Beachsissi’s Promise, Price, and Quality

The website lets you know that Beachsissi’s commitment “is to provide customers high quality, trendy fashion products at favorable prices along with a class-leading customer service experience,” and “to bring the quickest fashion to all females, through hard work, creativity and dedication.”

So, do they deliver?

Over at Facebook, Beachsissi’s page has over 145,000 likes, which is promising. They get good reviews at Optima Expert and TrustPilot, and sponsored YouTubers do seem to genuinely like the quality of the swimsuits they try on. 

However, most of the complaints surrounding Beachsissi have nothing to do with the quality of the product and everything to do with their service. A quick scroll through the FB comments, as well as customer reviews at TrustPilot, mention the same issues: late orders, inability to track those late orders, no refunds, and incorrect charges. 

The worst complaints — and there are a lot of them — are nearly identical in theme, with customers claiming that weeks go by before they receive their items if they receive them at all, and there is no way to track this. 

Still, with Beachsissi’s price point hovering around the $24-35 range, maybe you are fine with the potential shipping issues. After all, plenty of Beachsissi customers still rave about the products they receive. So go ahead, treat yourself! 

If you’re interested in getting your swimwear from Beachsissi, you may also want to check out Shein. Shein is another trending swimsuit brand and we did a full Shein swimsuits review post.

Beachsissi’s Return Policy

As with so many other online swimsuit retailers, Beachsissi only allows returns of merchandise in the original, tagged condition. Which makes sense, because otherwise, ewww. The returns are sent back at the customer’s expense and refunds will be made to your original purchasing account. 

Unfortunately, Beachsissi isn’t available on Amazon, so take that as you will.

Final Thoughts About Beachsissi

Beachsissi’s price point makes it one of the more affordable options for online swimwear shopping. There is certainly no lack of styles and colors to choose from, and I love that they offer surfwear and tankinis. (Though I’m a little confused why they offer bikini bottoms but no tops?) Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or you want to browse new styles and trends, Beachsissi’s menus will almost certainly inspire you. And there are enough choices no matter how conservative or showy you are.

I don’t usually follow trends, even with my swimsuits. I’m more of a “buy a few classic pieces and wear them to death,” type of lady. But after scrolling through Beachsissi’s pages I feel like I might want to try something a little more fashion-forward and a little less Old Reliable. Will I be slipping into a leopard print string bikini this summer? Probably not. But I’d like to show off something a little more modern, and Beachsissi appears to have my back (and belly). 

There are enough complaints about shipping to give me pause, but not enough to keep from trying out Beachsissi. Even the most inexpensive swimsuit on the site isn’t free, but I feel like it’s worth it to at least give this a go.

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