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We are a group of moms that are quality-loving, educated consumers. We have a passion for improving our family’s health, happiness, intellect, and overall quality of life.  We want the same for our readers and we hope that our research and experience can improve your family’s overall life.

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Founder and Chief Super Mom

I’m Leslie, the mom behind the keyboard here at Super Mom Picks!  Everyone who knows me personally knows that I love to help moms in this amazing, yet scary journey of raising a successful family.  With so much information available to us, yet much of it contradictory, it requires moms to take an active role in research to make the best decisions.  This is what I hope to provide you with through this site.

About Super Mom Picks

Meet Our Team



Brookelyn is a mom of gorgeous twin girls. She loves all things nutrition and healthy living. When she isn’t working on Super Mom Picks you will find her brewing her very own kombucha tea at home!



Tia enjoys writing product reviews and toddler-specific articles since she has two little ones under 4 which keep her quite busy! She is super budget-conscious and loves finding a great deal!



Julie’s kids are grown and out in the world for themselves now, but that hasn’t stopped her passion for all things mom-life! She loves writing about anything mom related.

Our Story

Super Mom Picks was started as an outlet to educate moms about all sorts of topics around parenting and share our thoughts on cool products to make mom-life easier and more enjoyable. We love to talk about mom fashion, kids products, parenting topics, and much more.

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We love showcasing products and brands we love and personally use.  If you have a quality product or service that you would like to share with the Super Mom Picks audience, connect with us to see how we can work together.

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Are you interested in writing for Super Mom Picks? We are always on the lookout for quality contributors. Reach out and let us know what you have in mind.

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Many products featured on Super Mom Picks include affiliate links where we may earn a small commission if you purchase thru our links. This site is reader-supported, so this is how we keep the lights on around here!

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For interviews or general press inquiries please reach out to press@supermompicks.com