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Hello everyone,  I’m Leslie, the mom behind the keyboard here at Super Mom Picks!  Everyone who knows me personally, knows that I love to help moms in this amazing, yet scary journey of raising a successful family.  With so much information available to us, yet much of it contradictory, it requires moms to take an active role in research to make the best decisions.  This is what I hope to provide you with through my blog.

I am the mom of three wonderful littles that keep me on my toes.  As a full-time working mom I am pretty diligent about finding the best, most efficient and quality products that just make my life easier and allows me more family time.

I am a quality loving, educated consumer that has a passion for improving my family’s health, happiness, intellect, and overall quality of life experiences.  I want the same for my followers and I hope that my research and experience can improve your family’s overall lives.