30 Day Detox Tea – This works!

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Did you know that toxins build up in your digestive tract over time from eating processed foods and chemicals?

detox tea

This can lead to bloating, acne, weight gain, and digestive problems ranging in severity.

Are you looking for a detox tea that will clean out your digestive tract?

This stuff works! I love it!

The colon tea is best consumed at night before bed, every other night and the skinny tea is to be consumed in the morning to replenish fluid loss.  Be sure to read and follow the instructions as this stuff is very effective, but I will spare you the details.

Grab Yourself A Teami 30 Day Detox Tea Now!

Teami® 30-Day Detox Tea Pack: All-Natural Teatox Kit with Teami Skinny & Teami Colon Cleanse Loose Leaf Herbal Teas Lemon & Original
  • EVER FEEL like you need to press the reset button on your body? TOXINS exist in processed foods, carbonated drinks, and there are free radicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis. WE SET OUT to...
  • ENJOY OUR Skinny tea each morning and drink a cup of Colon Cleanse tea every other night before bed. 2 Steps, it's that simple! Be sure to track your progress with our cute calendar provided with each...
  • TEAMI SKINNY can REPLACE YOUR MORNING COFFEE and provide you with natural, sustainable ENERGY, WITHOUT THE CRASH that comes from coffee, soda, and energy drinks!
  • STEEP YOUR Teami Colon in hot water for 1-5 minutes, gradually increasing your steep time as you go through the program. Drink every other night before bed FOR BEST RESULTS!
detox tea

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