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Rothys shoes review – What to know before you buy

So you are considering buying your first pair of Rothy’s, but you’re not quite sure yet! Well, I absolutely love my Rothy’s and wanted to share a few reasons why with you. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with these shoes, I’m so glad I found […]

Girl choosing between healthy or unhealthy snack

The Definitive Guide To Reducing Kids Sugar Intake

      Sugar and Children’s Health Sugar is probably my least favorite of the food evils.  It causes behavioral issues, rots our children’s teeth and seems to be an addiction for them, but there are worse things happening beneath the surface that makes it […]

Funny baby shower gifts image

Funny Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Unique and Memorable!

Funny baby shower gifts can bring some lighthearted laughter to this amazing yet scary time in a new parent’s life.  I received some unique and humorous gifts at my own baby showers and they helped me keep my sanity when parenthood got real!  If you are […]


Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother – My Review

  Sleep is so important to me and that first year of life can be exhausting.  Anything that helps to get your baby to self soothe and sleep longer is totally worth it!  The Baby Einstein Sea Dream Soother was one of those lifesavers for us.  […]

valentines day gift ideas

Valentine gift ideas for couples

  Valentines Day gifts can be tricky.  Flowers are nice, but they are overpriced, wilt, and die in just a few days!  Chocolates are sweet, but we are still dieting from the overeating during the holiday season! Don’t fall into the usual Valentines Day trap and […]

Early morning workout tips

Early morning workouts – 25 tips to making it happen

  Do you try to squeeze your workouts into your evening schedule and often find excuses to skip your workouts?  Do you struggle waking up early to workout? If so, you are not alone, but you should know that you are missing out!        […]

Business woman travel fitness

Business travel without breaking your diet and fitness goals

  Last year was a heavy business travel year for me and it could have easily wrecked my fitness goals if I didn’t have a plan to succeed. You may be surprised to hear me say that traveling for business (or pleasure) can be your […]


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Mermaid gifts

Mermaid Gifts for Girls – An Ultimate Guide – Toddlers to Tweens

Who doesn’t love mermaids?  Mermaids have grown in popularity since the early 1990’s when the original “Little Mermaid” debuted.   Today’s hottest mermaid trend is the fabulous color combination of teal and purple with sequins and sparkle thrown in! Mermaids are universally loved by girls of […]


Top STEM Gifts for Christmas this year

  STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) gifts are great for Christmas since they encourage your children to learn while they play.  Here are ten great ideas for some STEM gifts for under the tree this year.     Osmo Genius Kit for iPad ~ Learn […]

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